11 Must-Dos for the Front Yard

Guest post by Jennifer Riner of Zillow

Source: Brookstone Builders

Home exteriors are the first thing buyers see when examining potential properties. Brown grass, broken planters and cracked driveways can deter house hunters. Buyers might even think unkempt lawns are signs of improperly-cared-for homes, and therefore show hesitation with subsequent offers.

Rather than scare away sales, use the following additions to renovate facades and amplify curb appeal.

1. Pavers

Choose walkway materials to match building surfaces rather than clash with existing colors or themes. Mediterranean homes, for instance, might appear chaotic when paired with glass-tiled or modern walkways. Discover the best materials for each home style by looking at comparable properties throughout the neighborhood.

2. Privacy Screens

Large hedges can make even the smallest ranches feel like grand estates. Consider lining the sides of yards with tall, contiguous bushes to delineate property lines and hide unattractive wire fencing.

3. Trees

Source: Zillow Digs
Trees provide privacy to yards, but also help create vertical interest among shorter flowerbeds. Guests are sure to notice selling points such as updated roofs and second stories when stately trees draw their eyes towards upward.

4. Shrubs

Neighboring homes might have awkwardly-placed windows, permitting a view into their homes. Plant shrubs below and around first-floor windows to enhance privacy without blocking out sunlight.

5. Grass

Even the smallest patches of grass need to be cared for properly to avoid overgrowth and drying. Depending on yard size, homeowners might need to purchase lawn mowers or hire professional landscapers to cut grass on a weekly or biweekly basis. Climate determines how strictly homeowners must care for their lawns to keep them healthy. Automatic sprinkler systems provide hassle-free watering for homes in Florida and other warm locales.

6. Ground Cover

Full-grass lawns can be difficult to maintain, especially when placed in dry climates without the right equipment. Hardscapes paired with ground covers, on the other hand, are low maintenance and striking. Ground covers are short and green like grass, and unobtrusive to surrounding gardens. Don’t overdo it – well-designed lawns incorporate some grass to offset textural elements such as ground covers.

7. Lights

Source: Details A Design Firm

Line driveways and paths with lights to increase safety and protect lawns from tire or tread marks. Lamps aren’t purely functional – soft illumination creates ambiance after dark to make homes appear warm and serene.

8. Flowers

Everyone has a preferred flower, and planting favorite blossoms is the best way to showcase individuality at home. Avoid electing too many colorful blooms, however. Overly bright, clashing tones might make landscaping look sloppy.

9. Borders

Concrete or blacktop may be simple, but are less expensive alternatives to all-brick driveways. Consider adding accent stones along the edges of pavement to dress driveways up without stretching budgets.

10. Pots

Source: David Thorne Landscape Architect

Potted plants are great for lining stoops and doorways. Choose sturdy materials, such as terra-cotta, instead of glass and delicate planters. Incorporate both hanging and spiked plants to diversify each group.

11. Accents

Lawn furniture adds interest in the front yard without appearing tacky or overly casual. To achieve the look, use archways, benches and small tables for a classic garden feel.

Even just a few of these ideas  help spruce up the front yard. If nothing else, make sure landscapes are healthy and clear of any debris before listing homes on the market.

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