Eco-Friendly Rug Pad Options

I love my rugs, they cozy up a room and give it some extra depth and colour.  They keep my feet warm in winter, too.  I like that I can pick them up and clean underneath.  Sand and dirt always fall through carpet fibers and collect underneath.  I had such a rude awakening when I pulled up the wall-to-wall carpeting in one of the houses I lived in - there was so much sand underneath it was almost like a beach!!

With area rugs, you really need a carpet pad to keep the rug looking nice, to prevent the rug from slipping around and to avoid having the rug scratching and rubbing against the floor underneath it.  Rug pads also help to keep thin rugs from bunching up and getting wrinkled.

What I don't love is cheap rug pads that stick to my hardwood floors and leave an icky film on them.

Farmhouse Cottage Tour 2014

Welcome to Ashcroft Cottage!  My house has changed so much in 2014.  I've finally found my style and embraced country cottage/farmhouse in a big way.   I even named my house (I have an enormous 100 year old green ash in my front yard).  Come on in and have a look.

Turn a Cube Storage Piece into an Amazing Console Table!

Hello, it's me again. You know, the obsessive compulsive can't leave well enough alone blogger?

I upcycled this cube shelving unit some time ago.  It went from basic cube to a console table with legs and drawers.  It worked well but since I'm in the middle of making over all the furniture in my home office, I decided to change this piece up a bit.

Here's the before & after of the last makeover:

Sunflower & Chalkboard Wreath

It's fall... how did that happen?! Time seems to fly by faster with every passing year... oh well, time for a new fall wreath!

Anthro Inspired Welcome Sign

I am on a welcome sign kick this week - chalk it up to my new front porch!! While scrolling through Pinterest I found a photo of old doorknob plates used as a street number sign.  I was going to replicate that look but the numbers would have been a bit too small to see from the street.  Instead I went with yet another welcome sign...

Plus I scored an scrabble set at the Thrift shop a few weeks ago & I was delighted to use some of the tiles for this project.

A New Front Porch

Ever since I moved into my house I've wanted to tear down the front porch and rebuild it.  First because it was tiny, second because it was uncomfortable to use and third because it was not scaled appropriately for the house.

I was thrilled to bits when everything came together this year to deliver the very porch I'd been dreaming of!!  I didn't have time to build it myself but the contractor, the price I could afford and the timing all worked out beautifully, it was one of those "meant to be" scenarios.

Tah daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Scrap Wood Welcome Home Sign

I saw a cute sign on Pinterest and HAD to have one!  I thought I could recreate it and I did come close...  Who knew dandelion seeds were so difficult to paint?!   Here's how I put my own version together.