Eco-Friendly Rug Pad Options

I love my rugs, they cozy up a room and give it some extra depth and colour.  They keep my feet warm in winter, too.  I like that I can pick them up and clean underneath.  Sand and dirt always fall through carpet fibers and collect underneath.  I had such a rude awakening when I pulled up the wall-to-wall carpeting in one of the houses I lived in - there was so much sand underneath it was almost like a beach!!

With area rugs, you really need a carpet pad to keep the rug looking nice, to prevent the rug from slipping around and to avoid having the rug scratching and rubbing against the floor underneath it.  Rug pads also help to keep thin rugs from bunching up and getting wrinkled.

What I don't love is cheap rug pads that stick to my hardwood floors and leave an icky film on them.

When Rug Pad USA contacted me about reviewing one of their products, I was happy to try out an eco-friendly, quality rug pad to see if I truly noticed a difference between it and the cheapo pads I had gotten from a big box store.

Well, I did notice a difference.   First thing out of the box, the rug pad had no scent (this is a big thing for me).  It didn't get all bunched up when I was trying to lay out my rug over the top of it and it was cut to exactly the size I needed.  I like the extra padding it gives to my rug, I noticed it right away even though the rug pad itself isn't all that thick.

It was super quick to arrive as well.  And Max and Eloise got in the act right away playing with the box it came in - win/win!!

Nothing like a rousing game of who's in the box!

This rug pad doesn't stick to the floor, but it doesn't move around either and keeps my rug nicely in place.  It even carries a 20 year guarantee!  It's made with plant based products, so it's not harmful to the environment, it lasts longer than other rug pads and it's safe for all floors.  I'm really pleased with it.

There are full details on their website on how to pick out the right rug pad for the rugs you have and shipping is FREE!

Check out their website HERE.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer:  Although I received free merchandise in exchange for a review, the opinions stated are 100% my own.


  1. I will definitely look into this company. I am thinking of putting down an area rug in the living room. My concern was Lulu running around the house and shifting the rug.

  2. I bought a couple of rugs from them during the 70% off sale and got pads for them. They are very good.

  3. Great post Anne, I need to find a pad that will keep the area rug from shifting around on my regular carpets, I bet that would work there too! Pretty cute that your cats liked the box, they are like kids sometimes... would rather play with the box that the toy that came inside! One of my dogs had a blast playing in the plastic that I wrapped around one of the mattresses during the move after I took it off! lol!


  4. I love my rug pads, too. Great post, Anne!

  5. Hi Anne,

    I love rugs for the floor also - my husband wanted carpet for downstairs but we ended up getting the wooden floors and rugs. We go to the beach a lot and know all about sand coming into the house.
    Many thanks for visiting me

  6. I come to you blog via Down by the Sea blog. I also like rugs and will have to buy some. We are buying a 1930 house in Nashville and all the floors have beautiful woods. I’ll come back and gather ideas from your blog, as we will not be moving for two years – the time I think it will take to get rid of everything and update our current home to sell it. I do not know where you live but I saw your door saying Le Jardin – would you be in Canada perhaps? Si, oui, c’est un pays que j’aime beaucoup.

  7. A scent-free rug? Now that's a winner!


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