Sunflower & Chalkboard Wreath

It's fall... how did that happen?! Time seems to fly by faster with every passing year... oh well, time for a new fall wreath!

I adore sunflowers, they're one of my all time favourite flowers and I love chalkboards, too.  What better way to design a wreath than to incorporate my favourite things??!

I had a grapevine wreath that I picked up from the dollar store, plus a few fabric sunflower sprigs and some silk leaves.  I wove the sunflowers and leaves into the lower right hand section of the grapevine wreath and then I hot glued a piece of black cardboard into the center of the wreath.

Easy peasy!

Aren't those stars cute?  I picked them up at a little emporium in the tiny town where my Mom lives.  So sweet...

and here's another sweet image - my cutie patootie kitten

Hope your fall days are warm and sunny.



  1. Love the wreath and the stars, Anne. And your kitty is a beauty. Very sweet. xxx ~ Nancy

  2. Your wreath is lovely.

    September is our hottest month and we are loving the empty beach. But, I need to stay off the beach and learn how to use my new sander.

  3. Looks great Anne. I'm not ready for fall yet but I guess it's coming anyway!


  4. Adorable wreath Anne. I can't believe September is almost over.


  5. I love the idea of using a chalkboard in your wreath. We're still enjoying summer like weather, so I've done no autumn decorating yet.

  6. I have never thought to combine a chalkboard and a wreath. What a nice way to express a sentiment like "Welcome". Looks great Anne!

  7. Love sunflowers too ... not only for Fall ... perfect for any season. The wreath and stars look great on the shutters. Love your cutie patootie kitten too.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. So very cute that you can change it up for any season!!!!


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