Eco Friendly Rug Pads - Rug Pad Corner

A few weeks ago, Rug Pad Corner offered to send me a sample of their eco-friendy rug pads. Since I have several rugs with wimpy little cheapo rug pads, I was happy to try out something more substantial and eco-friendly to boot!

Rug Pad Corner makes rug pads in old world traditions and contain only 100% natural and recycled materials made without the use of any chemicals, glues or adhesives.  They have an awesome website that makes it easy to find and choose the rug pad that suits your needs best.

$1 DIY Chunky Wood Picture Frames

Here's a super easy, inexpensive DIY picture frame. Ever since I began painting pictures several years ago, I've had a lot of artwork floating around my house.  I painted a number of pieces on canvas that was pre-wrapped on wood frames.  While I do like the unframed look of those pieces, I was ready for a change.  Plus I really do think a picture frame adds some depth to artwork, don't you?

I decided to make some super simple frames from pieces of trim I had and from some 1x2 strapping that is dirt cheap.  I started with some leftover door stop trim.  To get the size right, I took the painting I wanted to frame out to the shop with me and held the trim up against each side of the painting to make my cut marks.  I mitered the edges with a 45 degree angle, then dry fit the pieces before painting them.

Open House Sundays #3 - Ciburbanity

Welcome to Open House Sundays #3!

This week we're touring the lovely home of Charlotte from Ciburbanity.  Enjoy!


Town & Country Living

My friend, Jennifer, at Town & Country Living is featuring my house today on the blog. Pop in and say hello!  Click HERE

And while you're there, be sure to take a tour of Jennifer's gorgeous house too!  So inspiring!!

Have a great day today!


I found an old and large wire freezer basket in a dumpster a few weeks ago and, of course, dragged it home to sit in my shed along with all the other miscellaneous bits and pieces I keep bringing home with me.

I'm Hibernating til Spring...

Do you feel like that too?  I just want to hole up until Spring arrives again!!  So since I haven't been able to pull myself together to write up all the projects I've done, please enjoy this photo post of my Sunday afternoon.

My Mountain Ash has been full of robins this fall.  It's a small tree but there are at least 10 - 20 birds sitting in it whenever I go outside!

Open House Sundays #2 - My Creative Days

It's time for another Open House Sunday!  This week we're visiting with Lindsay at My Creative Days.  Welcome Lindsay!

Open House Sundays Premiere - Tour a Different House Each Week!

Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Each week from October through February I will be sharing a different home tour, I don't know about you but I love open houses!!

This week's tour is a fall tour from Jeanie at Create & Babble - enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TGIF - well close enough! It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I'm looking forward to my turkey dinner with all the fixin's.

We've been having the most glorious fall weather ever here, warm days and warm nights (well warmish nights... ).  The fall colours have been more intense than usual and I spent some time taking photos of all the glorious colour.

How I Found My Style

I'm featured on How I found My Style Sundays at From My Front Porch to Yours. Pop over and find out how I found my style!

Happy Sunday!