Open House Sundays Premiere - Tour a Different House Each Week!

Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Each week from October through February I will be sharing a different home tour, I don't know about you but I love open houses!!

This week's tour is a fall tour from Jeanie at Create & Babble - enjoy!

This is my first home tour and I must admit that I'm a wee bit nervous ; )


You see, I thought that maybe readers only wanted to see home tours that show off big, expansive, beautiful homes with wide wrap-around porches that are gorgeously furnished; have large, expertly landscaped, manicured rolling lawns with breathtaking views . . .

. . . and grand entrances welcoming visitors.


But I think I was wrong.


Pretty doesn't just exist in big, fancy homes. Pretty can be found in any home.

Even in a little, empty-nester's townhome.

By adding light, inexpensive touches of Fall, every home can be very pretty. Simply pretty. We all like simple decorating, right? As simple as throwing a pom-pom fringed throw over a favorite chair . . .

Fall Home

. . . or placing silk flowers in burlap baskets and painted mason jars.

autumn tour

Pulling out and dusting off last year's Fall Crafts. Or even doing something a little quirky - like adding silk leaves to the curtains ; )


Or placing a warm, soft, and cozy plaid blanket on your sofa can be pretty, too.

Something as simple as changing out the brightly colored summer pillows for earthy-toned ones.

velvet pumpkin_createandbabble

The pumpkins. Read how to make pretty velvet pumpkins for your home.


. . . hang the pretty fall flower wall art that used to be a summer flower.


Add inexpensive leaf appliqued towels to the powder room.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I hope you enjoyed your stay and found a little inspiration for decorating your home for Fall.

Thank you for sharing your home with us Jeanie!  What a pretty home it is too!  Visit Jeanie over at CREATE & BABBLE.   

Thanks for visiting with us!


  1. Love this idea and I look forward to reading these.


  2. Yay! I love your new series, Anne. And, thank you to Jeanie for a wonderful tour of your cute home!

  3. What a fun new series and a great way for us to meet new bloggers. I love Jeanie's style and am headed over to check out more.

  4. Anne,
    Great idea and how fun to meet new bloggers and their style. I am heading over to check out Jeanie now.

  5. I always love looking inside other real homes. I love the autumn touches especially the silk autumn leaves. Jeanie's home is so lovely. Sarah x

  6. I love home tours Anne!! What a pretty home Jeanie has...I love the crates she has outside filled with pumpkins!

  7. love it :)
    this fall idea is so cute :)
    ps. kisses from Poland:*

  8. First, I love that you are doing this series! I enjoy seeing and being inspired by the home decor of others. So many great ideas here. Looking forward to your new Sunday series, Anne!

  9. Thank you Anne Love the large flower and her spider web frame is awesome.

    1. Isn't it just though?? Thanks for visiting Di!

  10. She has such a beautiful home. Love all the fall decor and the coziness you can feel right through the screen. :-)

  11. Beautiful home and fabulous details...loved,loved the tour!...and what a wonderful Fall porch!

  12. Great idea for a series, Anne. Jeanie's home is very pretty. Love those burlap baskets. xxx ~ Nancy

  13. I began reading blogs to see real houses rather than big magazine ones, so this series is just what I like! I love how the added throws here make the home cosy at once.

  14. I love this idea Anne. It's always fun to see what others are doing with their home decor. Jeanie's home is so lovely with all its fall touches.

  15. She made that all sound so simple, Jeanie's home if beautifully comfy and her fall touches are perfect. Very excited, Anne, to follow your series. So very impressed, thus far, keep them coming!! xx

  16. Oh, how exciting, I love snooping around other people's homes! :o) Jeanie's home is so pretty, loved seeing it!


  17. A good idea for something different on a blog. I know we all like to peek inside another's home, there's always something to inspire.


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