Open House Sundays #6 - Creatively Living

Welcome to Open House Sundays where we get a personal invitation to tour through some pretty awesome bloggers houses!

This week's tour is a before & after tour full of fabulous DIY ideas courtesy of my dear friend Katie from Creatively Living.  She lives in a darling Craftsman style home built in the early 1900s and she has created wonders with it.  Just wait til you see the before shots!  I'm positive you'll find loads of ideas that you will want to use in your own home.

Enjoy the tour!


Hi everyone,
I'm thrilled and honored to be here at Dream Designs by Anne.
So who am I and why am I here?
I'm Katie and I'm on my fourth year blogging at Creatively Living.
Here's my crazy family. They are saints to put up with my ceaseless love of renovation!

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We will be taking you on a tour of the of our 1904 Craftsman today.

Since our homes are a labor of love and usually start out pretty bad, I thought it would be fun to fill this post with this year's before and afters.
House Before: This house was pretty run down and had spent the past decades as a duplex rental.


After: We still have a ways to go, but this pic (August) was such an improvement from the August before. Now the garage is also painted and straightened.


Before and during: The Porch.

After: Without an AC, we spent a LOT of time out here this summer. I am so happy with the way the porch turned out.

Click on the link to read more about our porch project.
Nasty Before Pic

Before: Nastiest entry ever!

Eva in Entry
After: This took refinishing the hardwoods, scraping linoleum, tearing out some nasty shag carpet, and painting.
....but you can't beat being greeted by a lovely you when you walk in!

Click on the link to see more Entryway Renovation before and afters.

Coat area before
Before: Other side of the Entry.

Royal Design Studios Starry Morrocan Night
After: Beautiful and functional. This space involved a lot of different projects.
You can view all the projects of this space by clicking on Entryway Reveal.

Before  Entryway
Before: This was an "under the stairs" unfinished storage space off the entry
Entryway Closet Makeover
After: Now it is the perfect holding area for coats, shoes and backpacks.
...with 5 kids, we need someplace to shove that stuff, right?
To see more click on Entryway Closet Reveal.

Before: Nastiest stairway ever! Brown rental carpet dating back decades.


After: Now a classic and beautiful stairway with picture gallery and revealed wood stairs,
...very fitting for this 1904 Craftsman.
Click on Stairway Picture Gallery, Stairway Makeover and Decorate Your Door to see more of this space.

Before: The yard

After: Urbane garden area, made from free Craigslist materials. The yard came a long way this summer, and still has a long way to go! You can check out our crazy end of the season garden pics.

Living Room 2014
Current project: Living Room and Dinning Room. We are also working on practical getting some painted storm windows up in the next couple weeks, but in between that we're trying to finish these bigger areas up.


Thank you Anne and Dream Designs by Anne readers for letting me share at your Open House Sunday!
Check in at Creatively Living to follow along with our remodeling madness and to see our previous completed houses!


 Katie has been a source of inspiration for me throughout my blogging days.  I can't tell you how many ideas she has sparked for me although how she does everything she does with all those babies is a wonder to me.  And she is the sweetest, kindest girl you'll ever know.

Thanks Katie for the tour of your stunning home!

Have a happy week everyone!


  1. Woa...more speechlessness. I've always love the craftsman style, and Katie has really captured the beauty of it's era. Clicking over to check out all her cool ideas!! Thanks for sharing, Anne

  2. Wow! Love that house and all they have done so far, I'm going to check out some of the detail posts.

    Thanks for sharing Anne!


  3. wow that is a stunning house from top to bottom…i love craftsman style homes

  4. OMG! She used to live in my town!! I went to look at her previous houses and the 1948 Rancher on the Columbia River is in the same town that I live in :o) Small world, wish I could have met her when she lived here.


  5. Awesome tour! Lots of hard work that has paid off in a beautiful home!

  6. A beautiful transformation. I think I'm in love with the stairs.

  7. This was an amazing redo. So beautiful! XX Jo

  8. Kudos to Katie for her remarkable transformations of her gorgeous Craftsman home!...Her family is beautiful and Katie is amazing to be able to create such a gorgeous home and keep up with her active the raised beds i the yard...Wonderful, wonderful feature today Anne!!

  9. wow I love her house...what a transformation!

  10. Beautiful, the ideas and changes are fantastic! Sarah x

  11. This home is so charming. So much character, and what a transformation! Love the family photo -- so fun. I'm on my way to check out Katie's blog. Thanks for featuring her, Anne. ~ Nancy


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