2014 In Review - The Furniture Files

I really pushed the envelope in 2014.  I did more renovations, spent more than I intended to and actually hired a contractor to do one of the major projects because I was so swamped with everything I had taken on!

2014 was an excellent year for me. I found some great deals, actually found some time for myself to do absolutely nothing, got a lot done on the house and yard and began a yoga practice (something I've been planning to do for years...)

I made over so much furniture this year that I'm calling this post the Furniture Files!

The year began with a bang when I found a hutch for $100.  My makeover made me so happy, I made over the entire dining room!  

The dining room table and chairs got painted and I moved furniture around to give me the farmhouse look that is my current fave style.

My guestroom got yet another makeover (this one is the look I'm sticking with!!!) when I found a shabby chic quilt for a steal.  I got out every quilt and quilted throw I possess and used them in the decor as well.

2014 was a year for changing the look of floors.  I installed peel & stick groutable tile in my mudroom / laundryroom to give myself a brighter floor that was easier to keep clean.

and I painted the beat up wood floor beside my laundry tub:

 and used the same paint on my vinyl main bathroom floor - what a huge difference that made!

I added vintage style wood castor wheels to my sofa table turned writing desk to give it enough height for me to actually be able to sit at.

and swapped out the chair and rug for something lighter

I gave my home-made pantry cabinet a vintage look by adding pie safe tins and trim to the door.  I love this look!

and I was given a free hutch topper that I promptly converted to a wall shelf to hang over the buffet in my kitchen.

and then I repainted the pantry and the buffet to help them blend in with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.

Ever since I made a huge mistake in my choice of paint colour for a single can of paint that I bought 4 years ago, my decorating has centered around using up that same can of paint mixed with a whole lotta white paint!  and you thought it was just because I liked the colour aqua... lol!

So another piece of furniture fell victim to my aqua'fied decor scheme.  This step stool went from a checkerboard red and white country look to a fresh, new colour blocked look.

And I painted the mirror with the same colour  (you have to coordinate!!!)

I installed one of my many old door finds as a garden gate:

and then decided to go whole hog and covered up the lattice fence with fence boards so I could have privacy in my side yard.

Then my kitchen overhaul took on a life of its own.  I bought two stock cabinets without doors (my cabinets are discontinued) and gave them special touches to add some interest.

This one got a wood base, hanging rack, tiny shelf and cookie sheet holders.

This one got 1x2 wood trim around the face frame and bead board backing with trim.  My kitchen was becoming so white, I created a reclaimed wood sign to break it up a bit.

I painted the sides of the fridge to match the cabinets.  It was black before (& I'm so tired of black!!!)

After I added the pass through window to let light in from my newly installed laundry window, I added a shutter made from a bi-fold closet door with trim added to it so it fit the opening.  I can keep it open or close it up if there's a mess in the laundry (or if  I need to isolate my cats!)

I reconfigured my kitchen cabinets, painted them all Simply White and bought new counters.  I am so happy with my lighter brighter kitchen!  and the layout is much more to my liking, too.

Then I went back to making over furniture.  As I said before, I am tired of the dark look.

Here is what I did to a basic cube shelving unit that I bought years ago at Home Depot.

Meanwhile, back on the outdoor side of things, I hired a contractor to add a new front landing and deck to my house and then I whipped up a sign and a bench to dress it up!

I built an extra-tall shutter to cover the electrical stuff that was such an eyesore.

I laid concrete slabs instead of having a wooden step down to the driveway.  I used two 4x4x10s with  gravel and old bricks in between them to level the area.

I also put a roof on my home made potting bench:

I created quite a few wall hangings and signs this year, kitchen signs - garden signs - welcome signs - seasonal signs..

I repurposed some old things that I found at yard sales and in dumpsters:

and I practiced my mitering skills by building frames from scrap trim pieces and 1x2s

The rest of the work I did isn't blog worthy, it consisted of  replacing weatherstripping, cleaning and fixing and/or installing gutters & downspouts, crawling around my dirt floor crawlspace to add extra insulation and vapour barrier and ripping the deteriorating skirting boards off and replacing them.  All in all, an extremely productive year!

If you want the details on any of these projects, click HERE  for my project gallery.

Thanks for following along - I hope I was able to inspire you in some way.



Sonya Barker said...

Thanks so much for linking up your top posts to our Linky Party! You have so many beautiful pieces and I really love that hutch! What a deal!! ~Sonya

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I am always amazed at your beautiful furniture projects and projects that you do outdoors....I am so looking forward to what creative and wonderful things you have in store for us in 2015!!

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Wow, very inspiring Anne! You have accomplished a lot this year! Here's to a busy, fun, DIY New Year!


Junkchiccottage said...

It was so much fun to look back at all your beautiful creations in the past year. My fave it the old vintage door for a gate. Ohhhhhh love that. Looking forward to seeing more inspiration and reloves in the coming year. Happy New Year.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Anne you had a busy year...it was filled with amazing projects/transformations...my favorite being your kitchen makeover!! Wishing you all the best in 2015!

Art and Sand said...

I saw all these projects one at a time, but seeing them together in one post makes me wonder when you worked, slept, ate, etc.

2014 was a very busy year for you!

Anonymous said...

I declare you the 2014 DIY Woman of the Year! Good, good job. Charmed by everything that you do. Lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

Christine Vandormolen said...

thanks for re-sharing all the goodness!!!! lol

monkey said...

anne i was worn out looking at all the awesome things you did this year,love the kitchen and the sunlight streaming in xx happy new year xx

Vanessa said...

You had a great 2014. Super projects and your home is lovely. Happy New Year's

ANNE said...

Oh you picked up on that did you? I was so excited when the winter sun had dropped enough to send sun rays right through the kitchen that I HAD to take a photo. or 2. well ok,at least 10. lol!

Thank you for your sweet comment!

ANNE said...

Awww thanks so much Leonie! I'm so thrilled that DIY'ing these days is so much more fun than when I was second guessing myself all the time! xox

ANNE said...

Thank you Sonya!

Paula@SweetPea said...

You are amazing! You accomplished so much this year making your house look so very nice. I look forward to what you'll share in 2015.

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Wow, you must be tired! LOL

Wendi Wachtel said...

You are very creative! Loved the colorful projects you did, inside and out! Your potting bench most of all..how creative!!

Amy Ellis said...

You really packed it in this year, Anne. Too many and all done too well to have just one favorite. It must feel fantastic to relax and enjoy it all for a bit!

ANNE said...

Thank you! and thank you for visiting too!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I really couldn't choose a favourite project: you've been so busy! But the kitchen transformation is really amazing.

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

I enjoyed perusing your Best Of list. Love how you lightened and brightened the furniture. Headed to your post on transforming the hutch top to a shelf. Love the faux plank look on the back.

Krista thehappyhousie said...

So many adorable cottagey projects, Anne! And I just love your updated kitchen- so beautiful and it looks awesome to work in!!

Andrea Hunter said...

Oh my gosh Anne , how much work you got done! You say things so breezily like "oh yeah...just reconfigured my kitchen cabinets..." which would take me a whole year to do!!! Everything looks gorgeous. Good for you!

Down by the sea said...

You have had another busy year in your home. It was so good to review them again. Looking forward to more inspiration from you in 2015. Wishing you a happy new year. Sarah x

Jody and Stan said...

Anne, Your house looks so beautiful!! Every project was amazing and so original!! Thank you so much for sharing! You're an inspiration to us all!! Happy New Year, 2015!!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So much accomplished, Anne. I really love all your new color choices. I really love how the front of the house turned out as well. xoox

heather meads said...

What a great year for you Anne! You've done SO much. I really liked how your kitchen turned out and that cube bookshelf to a cupboard is amazing! All the best to you in 2015.

Di said...

I love everything you did this year and I can't wait for 2015. Happy New Year Anne!

ANNE said...

haha! Thank you Andrea!!

ANNE said...

Thank you Di! and thank you so much for being such a loyal follower! Happy New Year!!

Elizabeth BlueClearSky said...

You have had a very busy year and your home looks great. So many lovely projects, Anne, but I think my favourites would have to be the exterior updates including that adorable door/garden gate. Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in the New Year! Thank you for your friendship!

Diane said...

You have had a busy year.....your home is so pretty. :) Happy New Year my friend, let's see what the new year will bring! Hugs, Diane

Karin Chudy said...

I am featuring them at my First of the New Year Link party. What once was twirl and take a bow is now the Be~YOU~tiful Link party! I would love to see what you do next!

Mimi@blueroofcabin said...

Wow that was some work. Lots of great projects and inspiration. You are amazing!

Tami Michel said...

Holy Cow Anne! You were such a busy lady this year! I am shocked at how much you have accomplished! Cant wait to see what you do this year! Happy New Year!
Tami @ Curb Alert!

A Joyful Cottage said...

You DID have a great year. I knew it. ;-) xxx ~ Nancy

Http://whatmeeganmakes.com said...

You KNOW how much I love your talent and your home. You constantly amaze me! Thanks for the inspiration.

ANNE said...

Thanks so much Meegan! Happy New Year!!!

Sheila Zeller said...

You are always an inspiration, Anne, but to see your year in review is truly amazing. I love your creativity, your 'roll up the sleeves and do it' approach, and the way all your projects have come together to bring your vision alive. Happy New Year - can't wait to see what you do next!