Most Convenient Kitchen Upgrade Ever

I am thrilled with the results of my latest kitchen project.  When I remodeled my kitchen after moving in, I bought stock cabinets from Home Depot.  They are the bargain basement version of cabinets but they did have wood fronts which is a feature I wanted.

What they offered for the drawers was the bare basic drawer slides that only let 75% of the drawer slide out so you never can see what is in the back of the drawers easily...   I found these full extension drawer slides on the D. Lawless Hardware website and ordered enough to do  all the drawers in my kitchen.

Click on photo to go to D Lawless Site

Once I received them and had a look at the instructions, I was TOTALLY intimidated and hemmed and hawed for a few months before tackling the job.  As it turns out, replacing existing drawer slides makes this project a BREEZE.  Once I figured out the best approach, it took me 10 minutes per drawer to pull out the old slides & install the new.   Easy peasy!!   Here's how I did it.

To find the right size that I needed, I measured the depth  using the sides of the drawers (just the box, not the fronts).  Mine were 22 1/2 - so the size I needed was 22" (round down to be sure the slides will fit!).  Then I measured the width of the drawer and the inside of the cabinet to be sure that I had enough space to install the slides.  You have to have at least 1/8" of extra space to install side drawer slides.  Then I ordered them.

Once that was out of the way, I pulled out the first drawer and removed the existing slides.

 I pulled the first set of full-extension slides apart.

Pull the center part completely out.

I installed the cabinet potion of the slides on the sides of the cabinet by screwing the slide to the cabinet using a single screw and an existing hole from the old drawer slides (as close to the middle of the cabinet as possible).  With the slide secured, I used a small level to ensure that the slide was level.

Using a drill, drill a hole in two of the oval slots (not the round ones!!) aiming for the end of the slot closest to the back of the cabinet (one hole at the front of the cabinet and one at the back).  Insert screws into these holes but don't screw them in tight yet.

Remove the first screw you installed.   Push the drawer slide back until you have the right amount of space between the front edge of the slide and the cabinet (directions say 2mm but mine needed to be pushed further back).  Attach the screws firmly in place and add one more screw to the center of the slide.

Install the drawer box portion of the slide:

Again, use the oval slots (the ones that are up & down, not side to side) and use two screws for the middle and back of the box.  A screw is also inserted in the round circle at the front of the box when you have positioned and secured the other two screws.

Pull the center portion of the drawer slides inside the cabinet out so you can slip the drawer box slides into them.

Push the drawer firmly back into the cabinet - it will be a bit stiff.  Pull the drawer out again and it will glide beautifully!   If you have installed the slides too close to the front of the cabinet, you can partially unscrew the drawer box slides and reposition them because you used the oval slots that allow you some maneuvering room.  You can adjust the drawer side ones as well using the up & down oval slots.  If worse comes to worse, you can redrill the holes to get your spacing right.  The first drawer is the worst, once you get it done right you know how to approach the rest.

It's so fabulous to see all the contents of the drawer at once.  No more scrabbling in the back!!

And these are such nice quality, they are so quiet!  and you can't slam the drawer shut either!

Happy happy happy!

I can't guarantee this method will work if your existing drawer slides are positioned differently from mine (which were at the very bottom of the drawer) but using the existing screw holes to find the right position for the slides is the easiest way to install these.

There are many YouTube videos on the subject to help out if you need them.


 Disclaimer:  I have partnered with D Lawless Hardware to demonstrate some of their products. Although I received free merchandise in exchange my review, the opinions stated are entirely my own.

With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!

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  1. OH my! I would never have even thought such a thing existed! But YOU would have, of course. ;) I bet making this blog post took longer than installing new drawer sliders. Yes?

    I LOVE your kitchen Anne! I wish my house was bright and clean like yours. One step at a time...

  2. wow, they are very creative !!! your cat is so cute !!! angie wants a nice Friday from Germany

  3. Oooh NICE! My new kitchen still has the cupboards from the 60's so I'm not sure these will work but I'll certainly be checking into it! Isn't it nice to have some little luxuries around you like that? :o]


  4. Oh- Don't you love them? I have them on all my cabinets and drawers and I just LOVE them. They are especially great for lower cabinets that are deep. xo Diana

  5. omg that kittie is killing me....sooooo cute!!!!! LOVE what you did with the drawer Miss Genius...xoxoxo

  6. I need this upgrade in my bedroom drawers! Love your kitchen Anne!

  7. Oh wow, I think I need to do this.

    This is an awesome upgrade - yay - so so awesome.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Anne!

  8. Wow! You make it look easy but I'm sure it took some talent. That kitty cat is hilarious!


  9. Wow this is a great upgrade and you made it look so easy. Wow even Kitty was impressed!
    Have a great week end.

  10. Oh, wow. These are absolutely perfect! Now imagine if the cabinet companies made the original slides this way. :-)

  11. Those slides are wonderful! We had plastic ones in our old house and had to replace every single one with ones similar to these.

  12. What a great way to add storage, since I'm pretty sure the back of the drawers wasn't really used before! Love the bored cat.

  13. You must be doing the happy dance, Anne. This is such a wonderful upgrade for your drawers and the tutorial is a great gift for anyone who wants to attempt this. You rock, girlfriend! xxx ~ Nancy

  14. Good for you! I love doing something challenging like this and having it turn out well, so satisfying. The kitchen looks absolutely super.

  15. Wow always find the best solution to a problem and you accomplish it by your sheer talent and tenacity!!...I love your remodeled kitchen!

  16. Anne, you always rock it. Bravo friend.


  17. Didn't realize there was any room for improvement in that kitchen of yours, lol. Love your drawer upgrade!!

  18. We used to have some plastic slides that broke, they were such a nusiance donn't know why we didn't think about buying new ones! Sarah x

  19. I need to show this project to Steve. I think he would like this change in his kitchen.

  20. Hi Anne, you are amazing!! I have these and love them. Your kitchen is gorgeous. Love the light fixture and the window iron. Beautiful.
    Hugs, CM

  21. You.always have such good ideas and are so helpful showing how you do it. Thanks. Joan

  22. What a treat to be able to actually see what's at the back of the drawer. I'm looking forward to this feature in our new kitchen!

  23. Thanks for the great tutorial. I will need to keep this information handy when I decide I need to change the slides on the drawers that do not slide all the way out. Putting those slides in, is not easy, but your tutorial encourages me to try it. We put sliding metal drawers in the bottom of every cabinet and that was not easy but I love them.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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