Simple Jewelry Organizer

You know how much I love shutters, right? This past weekend I accidentally came up with a great idea for a shutter repurpose - this shutter makes a really cute jewelry organizer!

This idea happened in a similar way to how Hillary Swank's character in "PS I Love You" found her calling...  I dropped my earring and it fell perfectly placed on a shutter I had decoratively placed on my dresser.    Did you see that movie btw??  I loved it! especially the sister - so funny! oh and the friend who was looking for the right guy, too!  um, ok back to the shutter story.  

This is a yard sale shutter I found many years ago.  I love it to death.  I actually found 8 of these and I've dragged them with me through 6 moves.  Sometimes being a packrat pays off.

Cottage Style Laundry Makeover

My laundry room got another makeover!

I have been steadily changing my house decor over to a mix of cottage-farmhouse.  This past weekend I added shutter doors to my open laundry cupboard and also to hide my stacked washer and dryer from view.  Here's the full tour!

Cleaning Up with Shutter Doors

I recently scored several louvered bi-fold doors at a flea market. I love the way they look like shutters (and I adore shutters!!!) I decided to take one set apart and add them to my laundry storage cupboard to hide all the junk supplies.

These doors were unpainted, unvarnished and unstained when I picked them up.  I had painted a single coat of white paint on them to brighten them up.  I used one set to hide the stacked washer and dryer.  I stuck a pipe insulator (pipe wrap) onto the back of them to keep them from banging when the laundry was running (makes it MUCH QUIETER).  I hung one of my paintings on them with an S hook to dress them up a bit.

My two Ikea kitchen trolleys got moved here when I renovated the kitchen last year.  Put together, they make a nice little work station and storage space.  The smaller set of bifolds were dismantled.

Organizing and Beautifying the Broom Closet

My broom closet is stolen space. There was no broom closet in this house. No broom closet, no linen closet, no entry closet, no mudroom closet - not much storage space to speak of at all!

My house is a 1930s build with a 2009 addition that houses 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.  The old part of the house was basically a 1 bedroom apartment in size.  The original bedroom is now my formal dining room and the original bedroom closet has become my broom closet / storage closet.

When I moved in, that closet reeked of old.  You know that smell?  That awful, no-oxygen-smells-like-death odor that you sometimes find in really old furniture and old houses.  That's how it smelled.  Ewww.  Not putting MY clothes in there!  It looked like this after I ripped the clothes rod out.