Cottage Style Laundry Makeover

My laundry room got another makeover!

I have been steadily changing my house decor over to a mix of cottage-farmhouse.  This past weekend I added shutter doors to my open laundry cupboard and also to hide my stacked washer and dryer from view.  Here's the full tour!

Now you can't see the washer & dryer from the door.  I also love my kitchen trolleys in this space - so light and bright and easy to move around.   A few weeks back I created a hidden space for my cats' litter box by adding a shelf and hanging a curtain from it.  The box is nestled underneath and hidden from view.  The cats love being hidden, too.  Win-win!  

 A friend gave me these star hooks and I finally had something to hang my laundry basket from.  Everything is neatly tucked away in the corner.

I love my laundry sink area.  The window I installed a couple of years ago made all the difference in the world to this space.  The curtain hides the cat beds from view.  This space has finally come together in the most perfect way.  I'm so thrilled!

So here's my laundry room through the years:

Replaced the old single pane window and added a window treatment.

Installed a closet organizer to maximize the storage space and began prepping for plumbing my new laundry sink.

Stacked the washer/dryer which gave me space for a work table.

Work table swapped out for a potting bench.

and installed a window over the laundry sink

New flooring installed.

Addition of the shutter doors and kitchen carts for a work table.

A fresh, clean look with small pops of colour that I really love!

Have a happy week!


  1. It looks so nice Anne! I enjoyed seeing the transformation over the years. It totally has a farmhouse feel now!


  2. It looks so nice Anne! I enjoyed seeing the transformation over the years. It totally has a farmhouse feel now!


  3. Love the shuttered doors and how you decorated it!

  4. It's super cute, Anne. I still love that shutter you made and that colorful curtain.

  5. It's amazing the transformations you've done to this space!

  6. Anne this is so pretty. You did a fantastic job.


  7. Looks great ... well organized, convenient and well decorated. You deserve another pat-on-the-back.
    You keep us inspired.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Your laundry room has been through so many transformations. I love what you have done in your space!

  9. Love your laundry space Anne. Hey laundry happens so we might as well have a cute and functional place to do it. Love your space. Have a great week end Anne.

  10. It's great to see the transition from 2010 on, remarkable!! Following the photologue, I see details that keep changing. I notice that you've added a mirror near your $10 shutters (which I love to death) and your sink area. It adds even more light, good choice xo

  11. i love are very talented, and i love the shutters..the cottage farmhouse feel is def, what i want...great inspiration Ann


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