Life with Max Pt 3 - Chatterbox Max

By the time Max reached the age of 5 months, he had a very large vocabulary of sounds to share with us.  He chirruped to say hello, he trilled when he wanted something, he had a tiny, quiet meow and  a whole range of other sounds that he used as he bounced around the house. He was having conversations, I don’t know with whom, but he was definitely chatting with someone.

He would make sounds whenever he was afraid that he was alone. He would sneak around the house and chirrup to the furniture as he passed by. He made a high pitched sound in the back of his throat when he was looking out windows. He clucked if he saw a bird through the window (yes clucked, weird but true). He trilled and chirped and purred. He had a range of meows that he would use, some plaintive, some really loud and some super cute. He would put all the sounds together at times and go on for 10 minutes. He would tell me long-winded stories about his hunger or his need for a faucet to be turned on or his desire to go outside. Nowadays he wanted to go outside a lot but since he hadn't been neutered or had all his shots yet, I was a little nervous about letting him run around the yard. There was a neighbourhood cat that was trying to take over Eloise's territory and, oddly enough, the cat looked just like Eloise - so much so that I had mistaken this cat for Eloise a few times. I didn't want Max making this same mistake.

The weather had cheered up a bit by Christmas time and Max was now almost 6 months old. I allowed him to play in the sunshine and boy did he love it! The first day out, he threw himself into a snowbank in the same way he bounced through the pillows on my bed. Oopsie! I so wished I had my camera or phone to record the moment he plunged into the snowbank, but you’ll just have to use your imagination.  His exit from the snowbank resembled a video in reverse - he pushed off from all four legs  and came flying back out backwards, shaking himself off like a dog after landing back on the shoveled pathway.   This experience didn't stop him from digging holes in the snow, though. So strange! It was just like watching my dog burying something. Max loved playing in the snow.  I tossed a tiny snowball his way and he tried to catch it in his mouth.  I threw another so that it would land well past him and he chased it.  After that, we played lots of snowball fetch games.  Max absolutely adored that game.  Was this little guy a cat or a dog in cat’s clothing??

Max didn't seem to have a sense for how cold it was outdoors. Maybe it was his youth or maybe it was his long-haired coat that kept him warm but he would want out no matter what the temperature. Eloise utterly refused to go out in temperatures below freezing point, but not Max. Winter fun was just beginning for Max.

He discovered he could hide under one of my backyard decks where I couldn't reach him and drag him back indoors.  He would race to the deck whenever he heard the door open and stay there until he heard the door close again and then off he’d go to romp through yet another snowbank.  When he would finally deign to come back inside the house, his tummy and the backs of his legs would be covered in tiny snowballs.  Since he wouldn't stay still for 10 seconds in order for me to knock them off with a towel, things around the house were a tad damp thanks to the little snowballs dropping off Max as he flew around the house at lightning speed.

Watching Max play inside the house was like watching an old-style pinball machine.  He would launch himself from the kitchen doorway onto the edge of the seat of my  armchair which gave him enough bounce to reach the coffee table.  The length of the coffee table gave him enough of a landing stretch to slow his transition onto the far edge of the sofa where he would proceed to bounce off the arm onto the floor and slither under the sofa to reach the starting point.  There were times when he would miss his aim of the armchair, crash into the front of the chair and drop like a rock to the floor.  It would only take a second before he was off again, though.  My poor furniture!!

Bedmaking was another crazy event.  Max LOVED linens, pillows and all things that are stuffed.  He seemed to think they were all chew toys.  Trying to pull the covers up would result in a mini tug-of-war.  Max would bounce all over the bed like it was a huge trampoline put there for his personal use.

The Christmas decorations were another wonder. I don’t generally put up a lot of Christmas décor but I do like to have several mini artificial trees dotted throughout the house.  I love poinsettias (and no, they're not poisonous - I've checked into it, that's a myth).   I got a huge poinsettia in a two gallon pot that I set in one of my crock pots in the living room.  Max was hugely interested in this new addition to the house.  He chewed the leaf edges, dug in the dirt and generally made a nuisance of himself.  After about a week, he plunged into the center of the plant and broke all the branches.  The poinsettia went out with the trash...

I also have a wide variety of ornaments that I set on furniture, or hang from lamps and windows as well as the trees. Max discovered the ones that looked like stuffies and claimed them as his own. When I put them away, he moved on to sucking on the tree branches, eating the paper needles whenever my attention was distracted. The Christmas balls (I used grapevine balls) were batted off the tree and around the floor. After a week of shouting at him and removing him from the vicinity of the one tree that sat on the floor, I took the ornaments back down and had a “green” Christmas instead but that didn't stop him from sucking on the twinkle lights every chance he got.  Sigh.

The Christmas tree "before" shot.

Life with Max was really cramping my style!!

End of Chapter 3

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  1. These stories are awesome. You are such a talented writer Anne! So entertaining. Love these stories of Max and you! He is so adorable and such a character. Looking forward to the continuation of these chronicles!

  2. Anne love the chronicles of Max. He is the sweetest little guy. Love the video of him with the fur throw. He is so curious of all things in life. What a joy to have him in your life. I cannot wait for chapter 4.

  3. Anne, this is the best series ever. Max is terrific and your storytelling ability is super, thank you. I can't wait for the next chapter.

  4. He is so cute. Love the his snow experience. My daughter loved his feature as well; she loves cats.

  5. I love these stories, in many way Max reminds me of Miss Twiggley when she was a kitten. He is just darn cute!

  6. Max reminds me of Reeses as far as having such a curious side. He has to what everything is and what's going on. Maybe Max thinks he's a dog with the different noises. Fun to always read about him


  7. Max is such a cutie...even though he likes getting himself into mischief lol!!

  8. I'm playing catch up today, Anne, so now I'm up to date on the Max Chronicles. So entertaining. You've done a great job of capturing Max's personality in your writing. The videos are great. What a character! You have so much patience, my friend. Hugs, Nancy

  9. Max is are his stories! ;)

  10. As soon as I saw this post I thought oh good another post about Max. The age you are describing is the same age as Tavi is at the moment. I love seeing the video too. Sarah x

  11. anne you need to get a publisher and write books,i am excited to see another story and sad when the chapter ends i love max xx

    1. Aww what a super sweet thing to say! Thank you!! xo

  12. I can't believe how he plays in the snow like that. I've never seen a cat do that, but I have seen plenty of dogs play like that. Shows what a character he is. The video is so funny and you can really see how cute he is. Keep the Max Chronicles coming!!

  13. My cats aren't too talkative, but they each have their own voice and recognise them as soon as they begin their "miaow"!


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