Early Spring Garden

We've had such an early spring this year - I LOVE it!!  I was able to get out and begin my new beds and landscape plans at the beginning of April.  I still have a long way to go, but this photo-heavy post is full of my new plants and plans!

Cross-Canada Insider's Tour! "In My Hood" Series

Bloggers across Canada are participating in this blog series by acting as tourists in their own towns.

You'll get a tour through Canada - from sleepy towns to hot spots with insider scoops on where to go and what to do! For my American readers, this is a great year to travel to Canada with the exchange rate so hugely in your favour.

 I'll be sharing links to the series on my Facebook page, so be sure to pop in there to catch up on all the cool places you can visit - click HERE to like my Facebook page.

5 Ways to Add Cottage Charm to Your Home

My style has changed several times since I first moved into my current home.  Last year I discovered the style that speaks to me and works best with my 1930s bungalow.  Here are 5 ways I've used to add cottage charm to my home.

1.   Painted furniture

What's Inspiring Me This Week

I spent all day Saturday tearing down my beautiful 100 year old tongue & groove fir ceiling in the front entry.  Why?  Because it was leaking all winter and there was no other way to access the attic of my tiny front entry.

I'm sorry to see that pretty ceiling go, but it was all moldy on the attic side of the wood so good thing it's gone...  Since I won't have the finished entry to show you for a while, here are things that have been inspiring me this week!

ADORE this space, isn't it stunning???  sigh... want this in my bedroom!!

I love, love, love this designer.  Check out more examples of her work HERE

Speaking  of bedrooms, I am so going to repaint mine.  Here's the photo that inspired that idea.