Early Spring Garden

We've had such an early spring this year - I LOVE it!!  I was able to get out and begin my new beds and landscape plans at the beginning of April.  I still have a long way to go, but this photo-heavy post is full of my new plants and plans!

I love Bleeding Hearts!   This year has been a great year for the plants as well as for my irises and peonies - they are loaded with buds!

Here's the pulled-back view of my back yard;

My lilacs were freebies from a local Freecycle network.  I dug suckers out of someone else's garden and planted them along the fence.  This year I finally got around to removing the sod.  As they get taller, they will get more sunshine & hopefully begin to bloom!  So far, no such luck.  I think the extra nitrogen from the lawn fertilizer might be part of the problem also.

On the bright side, without the blooming period the shrubs are growing much faster!!  I planted them in 2011 and they were only 6" tall then.

Look at the difference 2 weeks makes in my rose bed:

I'm so happy that winter is over...

My 2015 tulip show:

Angelique Tulips

Black Parrot & City of Vancouver Tulips with sweet woodruff

The mixed doubles that did so well last summer did not perform well this year.

The cats have been in their glory also:

Pansy-eating Max - GAH!!!!!!!!

This will be a banner year for apples as well.  This is my McIntosh apple tree.  Luckily it only blooms ever second year - my freezer is still full of apples from 2 years ago!

My crabapple is always a good bloomer.

I picked up the plants for my hanging baskets way too soon, but the moment I set foot in any nursery I am swept away by the glorious plants and can't resist buying.

With all the sod I'm removing, I am faced with what to do with it all.  I've decided to build a berm in the front yard and use all the sod, flipped over, to create it.  It won't be ready for planting until next spring but that gives me the whole summer to create my new beds.  Here's the start of the berm

When I'm finished, I'll soak it well and cover it with black plastic.  Then it can "cook" the weed seeds out of it and be ready next spring.

I pulled up two chunks of the concrete path that led to the old front steps and moved them (with great difficulty!) to the new step.  I also created new paths with 24x30 sidewalk slabs.  I need to level them properly but for now it works fine.

Another big job was replacing all the skirting boards with new siding.  It will be painted out to match the siding on the house.

Here's the start of my 2015 project - Operation Cool-Off.  This is the hottest, most heat-absorbing West side of my house.  It BAKES in the summer heat and the window is that of my master bedroom which also bakes...  

Last Sunday I put up this lattice and planted Mina Lobata and a trumpet vine to grow up it.

I still need to trim it out and I have some other ideas to help keep this spot cool, but those are still in the early stages of development.

I planted an Explorer rose near the inner corner - this is a William Baffin rose.  It gets quite large and is EXTREMELY hardy.  It should provide a decent amount of shade eventually.

So many more plans, projects and beds to go!  Hope you've enjoyed my early summer garden tour!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, it all looks so beautiful!!! Lotsa hard work out there.........I was going to suggest an awning for your window, but I see there's really no room for that. Tall trees for shade are the best bet. But take a long time to grow!! Happy summer to you!!

    1. Thank you! and yes, a tree would be awesome...

      Happy summer to you too!

  2. Your yard is so pretty. I love your idea for cooling off that wall by growing vines against it. Your photos are stunning. I feel like I can reach out and touch your flowers, they look so real!

  3. So many beautiful flowers. The early spring has done my garden well too and I've loved being out there working in the dirt.

  4. Yes, ma'am. I enjoyed the tour. Your yard is amazing. I just love all the flower varieties you have. The bleeding hearts are so gorgeous. You have such a wonderful vision for your home and I'm glad to be able to see it as you progress. :-)

  5. Very pretty Anne...Bleeding Hearts is a favorite of mine too and I love your pretty tulips!

  6. Anne,
    Your garden is looking so pretty. I love bleeding hearts too. Have a great start to the new week ahead.

  7. Macintosh is my favorite kind of apple and you have a whole tree full!! You really have been busy and your yard is looking beautiful. What is the name of those little orange fowers?

  8. Spring is especially nice this year, isn't it? Your garden looks gorgeous.

  9. You must be so pleased with the way your garden is taking shape Anne! It looks terrific and the new additions will only make it better.

  10. Your flower gardens and trees are so beautiful, Anne! You've done a terrific job on your landscaping already.
    Mary Alice

  11. Your gardens are always beautiful Anne...I love your many varieties of tulips...and must say that I love the apple trees...I LOVE McIntosh apples!...Can you toss me one? Have a great week Anne!

  12. Your garden is lovely and I think the idea to bring shadow to your master bedroom is both a clever one and a pretty one in the future.

  13. Wow, you really took advantage of an early spring to get things done. I moved concrete blocks at our old house and that is an awful job. Those things are heavy!
    The gardens are really lush and your kitties seem to really enjoy taking in all the sights and sounds of the outdoors. My cat would love to be outside, but she's a wanderer and has escaped the yard more than once

    I really enjoy seeing all your projects, inside and out.


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