Beautiful New Entry - Part 1

Last winter I had moisture issues in my front entry which is a covered porch that someone enclosed somewhere along the way.  I've actually had issues for the last few winters but couldn't figure out exactly what was causing them until this past winter...

What's been happening is that the ceiling would leak water.  There's an attic vent to the outside that would frost over when the temps dropped during the coldest months.  I thought it was air leaking through my door and focused on weatherstripping and sealing, but that wasn't it.


I knew something had to be done when puddles appeared again in February this year, so last month I tore down the ceiling.  My beautiful, 85 year old tongue & groove original fir ceiling.  Wah!   What I found was a complete lack of insulation behind the 6" trim boards which clad the upper portion of the walls, no vapour barrier and someone had thrown extra insulation into the attic space which had completely covered the soffit vents.  This was a recipe for disaster!!!

We all know that heat rises and cold falls.  So what was happening is that the heat rose to the ceiling, seeped through the t&g boards into the porch attic.  Because there was no vapour barrier, the heat turned to moisture when hitting the cold air in the attic and became frost on the insulation and the underside of the roof.  Then when temps rose, the frost condensed and came back down through the ceiling boards in the form of water leaks.

The tongue & groove ceiling boards were water-stained on the roof side of the boards and were beginning to grow mold.  Luckily I got to this project in time.

Short summary of issues:

(ok, ok so the floor is just MY issue...)

and from another angle.

With a whole lotta muscle power I wrenched down those t&g boards that were nailed in with 2 1/2" nails every 6 inches.  UGH.   Then I installed soffit baffles to keep an air passage from the soffits to the peak of the roof.  The insulation & vapour barrier were installed from below - that was a fun job I can tell you  NOT!   I slapped up the bead board panels on the ceiling and used rigid insulation to cover the 6" at the top of the wall.   To install it with a proper seal, I used a can of spray foam insulation that I sprayed all around the edges of the gap and then I pushed the rigid insulation into the gap.  The bead board panels were painted with an oil based primer on the roof side to ensure the wood was sealed properly.  Oil based paint and primer also add an extra layer of vapour barrier protection.

The crown moulding is 1x6 boards.  Since they weren't quite large enough to cover the entire gap, I used 1x2s to fill the top of the gap.  I like this profile!

I don't like the plywood pattern of the natural wood bead board, so I painted the ceiling and walls in Behr's Almond Cream.  I painted the console table as well in my fave combo of aqua & white.

Since I can't get my new front door installed until August, my final reveal won't happen until then.  I had to leave the trim off the door and upper wall on that section of the porch so that the contractor can easily install the new door jamb and door.  Be sure to stay tuned for that reveal!!



With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!


  1. You are amazing, Anne! I also love the aqua table! xoxo Su

  2. It looks great, but I am impressed that you knew what the problem was and that you could fix it yourself. You are WONDER WOMAN.

  3. Looks lovely and will be warmer in that area come winter. Aren't old homes fun? Love the aqua table and door!

  4. super awesome Anne, I love the ceiling and walls!!!! ohhh and I have that IKEA lamp as

  5. It's always something with a did a remarkable the aqua table!!!

  6. Wow Anne, it looks great! I love your idea of using the 1 x 6 and 1 x 2's for crown molding. The new look fits in perfectly with your home. I'll bet your arms were tired after all that ceiling work though.

  7. Great job Anne! Love what you did with the moulding!!


  8. You truly are a DIY rock star, Anne. Well done, looks great and boy oh boy will it make a difference in winter AND summer - much comfy temperatures for you and your adorable home.

  9. My rock star should be getting her own show on HGTV very soon. BUMMER that the original tung and groove got ruined. Looking great and can't wait until August to see the rest


  10. Your ingenuity and will do attitude continue to impress and inspire! Beautiful work. The table is lovely. Can't wait to see the door and finished project.

    1. Thanks so much Frances! What a nice compliment!

  11. So very talented Anne!
    I would have called someone in to look at the problem
    and then they would have charged me a fortune! Well done!

  12. Your front entry looks great on the inside and the outside! Nice work once again - you are seriously the Queen of DIY!

  13. You are an inspiration, Anne. The entry looks wonderful and I love the painted console table.

  14. You've done a tremendous job here! It's both more efficient and pretty. I bet you have good arm muscles now!

  15. Although I'm sorry you had to deal with that whole mess in the first place, who better to fix it than YOU. Way to analyze, solve and execute a solution, girl. You ROCK!! It looks great!

  16. Wow!! I'm so impressed that not only did you find the source of your problems, but that you knew what to do to correct it! So when do you start your own TV show?! Has anyone approached you yet. The entryway looks great. Too bad about the fir, but having no leaks is preferable in the end. Thanks again for your help in naming the flower ... all updated with a credit to you! Enjoy your day :)

  17. What particularly impressed me about this post was how much you know about construction. I know a little about vapour barriers, but not as much as you do Anne. As always I am impressed that you tackle these challenging projects on your own. Two and a half inch nails? I would have given up!
    The entry looks great now and I look forward to seeing the new door.

  18. Super woman strikes again, this time she didn't get past the front entry.

  19. I am always so impressed how you tackle such difficult jobs!The ceiling looks lovely and that console table is painted in my favourite shade! Sarah x

  20. You did it again!.....another incredible project by Aqua Woman!....a super hero of DIY!! the newly painted table too!...


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