How to Install New Doorknobs

Hello!  I am thrilled to bits with my latest upgrade - lever doorknobs for my interior doors!!

My very first home had lever doorknobs and I loved the ease of them.  So much better than knobs for those times when your hands are full.  I love the look of them as well.

My latest house has mismatched doorknobs throughout.  The original, 1930s house has glass doorknobs which I kept.  The new part of the house had chrome knobs and every time I opened or closed a door my knuckles would bang against the door frame.  Curses!!!  Thanks to my partnership with D. Lawless Hardware, I was able to install gorgeous lever doorknobs from a manufacturer called Copper Creek in a  Tuscan bronze finish that matches most of my light fixtures and the kitchen hardware.

Isn't it pretty??

The great part of the lever doorknobs is the ease of use.  You can open the door with your elbow if your hands are dirty or greasy.  The lever knob is much easier on folks with arthritis in their hands or lack of strength.  AND you don't knock your knuckles on the door frames.  WHOOP!

If you're thinking they're a bad idea for spaces that you don't want your kids to get into, the interior lock sets come with a key!  So cool!!

The levers come in left-hand and right-hand styles, so you need to be sure to pick out the right ones for the doors you have.  Be sure to follow the diagram on the D Lawless website to help you choose the right lever for your door.

I began with my kitchen door which actually did have a lever doorknob but it was brass coloured plastic and wasn't a great fave of mine.

Unscrew the 2 screws holding the doorknob to the door.  Once the plate is unscrewed, pull the knobs apart and set them aside with the screws.

 Remove the screws from the latch and pull that plate off.

This is what you have left

Insert a screwdriver through the center hole of the assembly and pull/push the whole thing out.

Insert your new assembly.  Notice the position of the latch - it needs to have the curved side facing the door frame.  These pieces are adjustable according to the depth of your knob.  Just align the holes and insert the knobs.  If it doesn't fit right, pull the knobs apart and readjust the holes until the doorknob fits properly.

Screw the plate in place and then install the latch plate.

yes, my door needs a paint job...

DONE!  Onto the next door.

I can't tell you how much I hated these chrome doorknobs!!!

All done!  It only takes a few minutes per door to swap the knobs out and what a difference it makes!!

Happy, happy, happy!!

If you want more details on these knobs, click HERE

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer:  I have partnered with D Lawless Hardware to demonstrate their products. Although I received free merchandise in exchange my review, the opinions stated are entirely my own.


  1. Oh what a big difference they make! Love the new knobs!

  2. I love coming here for inspiration, Anne. You tackle projects I never would have thought to try myself. And how great these new door knobs look!

  3. Anne...they look awesome!!!.....and of course you would include a DIY tutorial on how to install them!...You are the best and so is D. Lawless Hardware!!

  4. They look great! Door knobs are such an easy change that can really update a room and a lot of people don't think of it!


  5. First of all, I loved your words, "my latest house" which tells me there will be another fun restoration one day at a different house.

    We have lever doorknobs on our front door and Steve's studio door. Our laundry area is in the garage and I would not be able to walk into the house carrying a load of laundry if it wasn't for my elbows and the lever knobs.

    Great job!

  6. On my bucket list to have lever doors one day. Your new ones look sweet!!


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