DIY Vintage Washstand with Towel Bar

I have wanted a vintage washstand with a towel bar for a long, long time. Unfortunately, this type of cabinet doesn't seem to ever come up for sale in my part of the world so my challenge began! How am I going to recreate this look??

I think I did pretty well!  

My main goal this year is to clear out my workshop of as much of the hoarded materials as I can.  I am tired of clutter!  I began to assemble a pile of components that I could use for this project.

Cottage Dining Room with Painted Furniture

Now that my dining room has new curtains and my hutch has a new paint job, it was time to change up the space a bit more.

I love my ladder back chairs.  I have 3 of them, two that match and one that is slightly smaller.  This is what they looked like originally.

Oy that orange!!!!!  Thankfully now a distant memory...

Iris & Peonies & Roses, Oh My!

Don't you just love the early summer garden?  Our spring this year was much earlier than usual and much warmer, too.  The flowers have been GLORIOUS!  I'm so happy to see my faves blooming with such gusto.

I adore iris, peonies and roses (and so many other flowers too!).  This photo-heavy post is a little peek at the fabulous blooms I enjoyed this year.