Antique Washstand Restoration

Once upon a time there was a little antique washstand. Somebody thought it looked better without the mirror, so they removed it. Then somebody thought it would look nice painted green. Then painted yellow. Years passed and the cabinet was sold. To me. Whoop!

Here's what this piece looked like when I bought it (please note, this is not my home)

Stylish Cat Bed from a Crate

My Max has impeccable taste! His all-time favourite spot to sleep in is an old fruit crate that I decked out for him when he was tiny and had to sleep in the laundry room while my other cat, Eloise, got used to him being around.

Now, of course, they sleep like this:

or this

Home Office Makeover - Organizing, Purging & New Furniture

I have TOO MUCH STUFF! Are you feeling the same way lately? Sometimes I wonder if this need to purge and edit is related to the position of the stars and moon, everyone I talk to seems to be feeling this way.

I had this huge old office desk in my kind of tiny home office which is made even smaller by the HUGE wardrobe I refuse to part with that is stored in here as well.  Soooo I took the desk apart and reused the desk top for my pretty new washstand project, took one side of the drawers to the dump and repurposed the other side of drawers as a stand alone filing cabinet (project still in progress).

I found a sweet little console table type computer desk for sale online and scooped it for $30.

This is what it looked like when I bought it:

And this is what it looks like now: