Cottage Classic Bathroom

I gave a sneak peek a while ago at what I was working on in my main bathroom.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right feeling from your decor. At least that's how it works with me. I've tried and tried to get my main bathroom to feel good to me and some of the tries felt good for a short time, but ultimately, until I get it right I have to keep switching things up...

Well, guess what? Thanks to Graham & Brown I got a shove in the perfect direction!!

Behold my new cottage bathroom:

I added hook racks on either side of the sink for towels and I built a knock-off vintage washstand for extra storage and to give the space a more vintage feel.

 I even wallpapered the pocket door!  And I painted the lights with the wall paint to make them blend in better.

It's amazing to me how much character comes with bead board anything!  Ever since I renovated my second bathroom, I've loved the bead board look.  Here's what it looks like:

Trouble is that my main bathroom is complicated with the pedestal sink and toilet lines coming through the wall.  Why I never thought of textured wallpaper is beyond me...   Easy installation - even around the sink.

I installed a 48" wainscot and topped it off with 1x4 molding.  Then I painted the molding, trim and upper walls/ceiling in Behr's Almond Cream.  I painted the wallpaper with Behr interior paint & primer in their base Bright White.

I LOVE this look!

Here's the wallpaper I used, click on the photo for details:

And here are two other projects I got out of my 3 rolls of wallpaper:

Bookcase Makeover

Very happy with my cottage style decor!

Disclaimer:  Although I received free product from Graham & Brown, the opinions stated are 100% my own.


  1. Looks so good! You did an awesome job on the bathroom.


  2. Love the look, Anne, and all your colours, hooks, etc. I have never used that beadboard wallpaper, but just might since it looks so good.

  3. Wonderful job Anne! Still have my roll of beadboard, I do love the look of it!

  4. It is just perfect for your sweet cottage home! I can't believe what a difference it makes.

    Great product - may have to find some of that myself, love love love it.

  5. Looks Great Anne. What a beautiful difference. Love the blue with the white. So pretty.

  6. Anne -- just paint that tile and things will really be new! You have two great sized bathrooms. Lucky girl.

  7. Anne -- it looks fantastic! Love, love the vanity!!

  8. Anne you always do such an incredible job!!!!!! It looks super great!!!! Love that white little towel holder above the toilet, I think that's from IKEA but they don't have that anymore!!

  9. Love the look of bead board, it's definitely a classic design element. Both of your bathrooms are a nice size and look fresh and clean. Great job on both!

  10. Both your bathrooms are just lovely! You do a great job!

  11. It looks great Anne! It's so fresh and clean looking with all the white! Your new cabinet you made fits in so well too!


  12. I love the colours in your bathroom the white and blue looks so clean and fresh. Sarah x

  13. Great job. It too would get some tile paint and just paint over the tile on the wall - it would look great white!

    1. Thank you! and thanks for visiting too!

  14. Looks lovely and perfectly vintage cottage. I was going to mention finding a product to paint the tile as well. It may be worth the effort if it is sound. I bought a roll of that paper a few years ago to use on old kitchen cabinets for my hobby studio that have since ended up in our garage. A great product.

  15. I thought, too, why not paint the tile? The bathroom looks super, Anne. Love all that beadboard and the cute accessories. Your bathroom is so big. Lucky girl. :) xo ~ Nancy

  16. Hi Anne! :)
    So pretty!
    I absolutely love that wallpaper, you would never know it's not wood! And those three rolls went really far with all of the projects you did. Love it on the bookcases too!
    Your bathroom is beautiful!

  17. I love Graham & Brown wallpaper and I may have bought a roll this week for a project!

  18. It's amazing how real this wall paper looks!!! Your cottage bathroom is AWESOME!! Every detail you've added just keeps loading on the charm. Very inspired and looking forward to getting some of this wall paper for our new home.

  19. Everything looks awesome! Love the bathrooms and the bookcases. Have you considered painting the tiles white? I bet they have special paint for that???


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