Easy Cottage Style Update - Bead Board Wallpaper

I've been using textured wallpaper lately to give the new addition on my home a cottage style boost to match the paneling in the old section of the house.

This particular wallpaper is pre-pasted and super easy to cut into lengths.  It stretches a tiny bit and is a bit tricky to trim unless you have a super sharp blade and a metal wide putty knife.  Other than that it is awesome!  And you can paint it too!

I got my wallpaper from Graham and Brown, an online wallpaper supplier with a wide range of styles and types of wallpaper.

Here are some of the ways I used their textured bead board wallpaper:

I added a wainscot to my main bathroom:

and to the master bedroom as well:

I wallpapered the backs of my bookcases to dress them up a bit more.  LOVE how this turned out!

I wallpapered a door:

and I cleaned up a broom closet by wallpapering the inside of it:

The wallpaper is easy to hang and a quick way to give a room a brand new look or even just to lighten up the space when you don't want to paint.  The beauty of this paper is that you can paint over it easily if you want to but you don't have to paint it.

I also discovered that it is super easy to remove.  I found that out when Max decided to attack the wallpapered door...


Please check out the wide selection of wallpaper over at Graham and Brown if you are considering wallpaper in your future.  They have some really beautiful papers!

DISCLAIMER: Although I received free merchandise from Graham and Brown in exchange for my review, the opinions stated are 100% my own.


  1. Great examples of how to use the beadboard wallpaper, Anne. Your home is charming. Love it! xo ~ Nancy

  2. Bravo - the awesome cottage look for a less permanent and for a budget. Lovin it, Anne! Well done!

  3. I didn't realize that the wallpaper was textured. I might look into that for our bathroom. And, I can actually hang wallpaper.

  4. Your beadboard wallpaper looks great everywhere in your home. And it pulls it all together so nicely.

  5. Gotta love bead board wallpaper. Every place you used this it looks so awesome. Love the open and bright look it gives to each room. Great job.

  6. Your beadboard wallpaper looks great it all the rooms Anne...love the look!!

  7. You have used the wallpaper so many different ways, always you give us some good ideas and inspiration! Sarah x

  8. Thanks for the inspiration ... I was thinking about painting our closet door but maybe the beadboard wallpaper would be better. I think I have a roll. I wallpapered our entry with the stucco wallpaper and it looks really nice.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. I never thought about wallpapering a door before, what a great idea! I have a couple of 70's brown wood doors that I could do this to!
    Every room you used the wallpaper in turned out amazing!
    You have the tidiest broom closet ever! ;)
    And love the photo of Max in the Box! Cute!

  10. I love all of your wallpaper projects!...I keep wanting to try my hand at it....soon I hope!....and is that Max's time out box?

  11. I really like that textured wallaper you chose. It seems Max and I don't share the same tastes...

  12. I applaud you my friend. You are so not afraid to do anything. Max is too cute in his box.


  13. I've perused their collection, but I can't help it, the bead board is hands down my favorite. I don't think I noticed the door project before, so kudos on that one, too!!

  14. Textured wallpaper is a great product. I recently bought the linen pattern to use in our main bath redo. It adds a lot of charm and character to your home.
    Oh that naughty Max! My cats love boxes too.


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