A Simpler Christmas Decor

I really do love decorating for Christmas although I admit that most bloggers out there put me to shame! I do not have their sense of style!!!   I have come to prefer a much lighter touch for my Christmas decorating - in fact, I've gone from 8 Rubbermaid bins full of ornaments, garlands and lights to 3 (of course my last house was more than twice the size of this one...).

 Plus I have a major stumbling block in someone who lives in my home.

Yes, you regular readers know who I mean. This little bugger:

He is constantly chewing, chasing, tearing down, investigating anything and everything.  He gets bored easily and has quite the imagination for creating his own games - to the detriment of my house and home.   GAH!!!!

As a result, my Christmas decor stays pretty simple and low-key.  It means there is less to put up, less to take down and overall, it doesn't feel cluttered.  I hope my simple style gives you some ideas for your own decorating.

This is the simplest dining room centerpiece I could come up with that has no parts to attract Max.  A folded over green gingham tablecloth goes quite well with the teal and aqua in the space.  Go figure, green really is a neutral!

I came across these adorable tea towels that I made into cushion covers.  Love!

The pallet wall hanging I made last Christmas got a grosgrain ribbon hanger and makes a pretty picture together with the little Believe sign and candles coloured to match.

I draped the star light string over the top of the china cabinet.  I have to tuck the extension cord up onto the top whenever I leave the room/house as Max seeks out any electrical cords for chewing as soon as my back is turned.

The only place I can hang my mercury glass ornaments is from light fixtures.  At least I can still enjoy them and they don't get broken (well except for my own clumsiness!).

Another foolproof Max evasion is filling lanterns with glass balls.  Looks pretty, I get to enjoy them and Max CANNOT get at them - win-win-win!!!

I used pewter and wood ornaments this year.  

Here's a cozy corner in the living room.  Max and I fight over who gets to sit here all the time.  The coffee table runner is a tea towel.

I picked up this cute lantern earlier this year.  A Christmas candle ring dresses it up a bit.

I love my metal table top Christmas tree.  And it's Max-proof!!

The bookcases got a bit of dress up:

A few little vignettes

I so regret not buying more of these wicker heart ornaments but who knew Target would jump ship and run away within 4 months of last Christmas??!  Sigh...

I couldn't leave my mudroom out of the game.  I love decorating this baker's rack.  How do you like my new clock? The red is the perfect accent to all the grey, white and metal.

I've had this little tree and the galvanized lanterns for decades.  

I'm still plugging away at those bins full of ornaments, picking and choosing and creating vignettes that are Max-proof and pretty.

Have a wonderful week!

With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!

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  1. Nice touches Anne... simple and classic.. I am doing the same!!! Well done.. safe for Mr. Max !!! Thanks Anne for sharing !!!

  2. Your simple Christmas decorating is perfect! I have the same problem - with three dogs in the house, I have to be careful about where I put the breakable stuff! Although this year I don't need to worry, because all of our Christmas decorations are back in Ottawa so I have nothing to decorate with this year :-( I'll just have to love vicariously through you!

  3. Anne love what you have!! You home looks so warm and inviting!
    Your decorations are perfect! Not overdone!
    Remember many of the bloggers who's homes are overdone are being compensated in some way!

  4. Your Max-proof Christmas decorations are beautiful, Anne! Max sounds like such a rascal, and you've made a lovely holiday home in spite of his shenanigans!

  5. Love all your Christmas and winter decorations - and extra nice they're Max-proof, haha.

    Your home is cozy and wonderful - how I'd love to sit with you sipping a hot cuppa something and hold Max while he purrs himself to sleep. : - )

  6. You have some lovely Christmas items. Not really so simple to me, I'm sure I have less, I just don't get into it like most.

  7. Your home looks lovely decorated for Christmas. Simple but still lots of interest. Our dog has always been good leaving our ornaments alone, well except for the whiplash Labrador tail that has broken a glass ball ornament or two. This year though I am thinking my sister's family puppy (a big Labradoodle) who is also our neighbour, isn't going to be so gentle. She is like a tornado sometimes lol. Love the pretty sweater and hat on the hooks. Hope you have a great week!

  8. Just perfect..... love the pillows !!!!

  9. awwwww, that Max sounds fun!!!!!!! LOL!!!! What a lucky cat to have you as a Mommy! Anne, the older I get the more I think LESS is MORE. I too, have cut down on my Christmas décor by half. I like to decorate more and more with nature and less store bought stuff. Your house looks awesome!

  10. HI Anne, every once in while z come across your posts and always enjoy them. Seeing your awesome home. You have done so much all on your own which to me makes what you do even more impressive. I love coziness and welcoming look of your home, your decorations are just right and safe for your little rascal. Almost like having a 2 yr old boy toddler in your house. My first 2 kids were nothing until had 3rd. and boy watch out. We used to call him the Tasmanian devil and he was, could see it in his eyes already at just few months old. Good thing I was young then. Had first kid 11 days before turned 20 and had 3rd 3 months before turned 24. The first boy was so mellow but the Taz as we called him was hell on wheels.
    Your home is so nice. you have great things you've made and redone. You should be quite proud of yourself.
    You enjoy that little bundle of fur and devilment. Keeps life interesting doesn't he?
    Our cat whom is about 14 now, we think, gets crazy in winter when he's cooped up more. He doesn't like to get his cute little paws wet in snow or rain. He'll run thru house like a maniac and dog runs after him. It's hilarious to watch them. He's a black lab/border collie all 75 lbs. and they run thru house like crazy animals. Our daughter was surprised I let them, why not. Dog does knock things off tables with his tail and cat likes to sit behind tv to look out window. I have relaxed about what I allow alot more since have gotten older. Never would have let kids (4) run thru house like that.
    We have single wide mfg. home 16x80, Real estate is so high here was all we could afford but we got 1/2 acre out in country and have 5 chickens in back yard. Not our dream house but we enjoy it anyway. And we have awesome views all over valley. I'd like things to be fixed up better but we're both getting older so don't nag hubs. I"m sure he'd like me to do some things I don't do.
    Have great week and weekend. Take care, was nice to see your home again.

    1. Ha ha sounds like your house is a fun place to be!! Thanks for visiting and for your very kind words. Xo

  11. Love your tea towel pillow covers. Everything looks so beautiful ... glad you could outsmart you little kitten.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Max doesn't look as if he would be any trouble in that photo! I wonder what Tavi will think of Christmas this year, he didn't do to bad last year but he was still quite young, Now he is wiser! That's a lovely idea with the tea towels. I have been looking at Christmas cushion covers but that is a much better idea! Your simple style thanks to Max looks so lovely! Sarah x

  13. I am right there behind you and going simple as well. Your home looks so cozy. The simple Christmas touches make a subtle but very effective impact and I LOVE IT!! Those pillows are too cute, as well.

  14. I love how you decorated. You put me to shame by the way. I love the simplicity look and cozy feel you have going on here. Perfect.

  15. Hi Anne,
    It's all so pretty! I do not think that other bloggers 'put you to shame'...I love everything you have done here!!
    It must be hard to decorate with having to worry about Max getting into everything, he's one crafty cat! I only have to worry about a dog tail swishing things over!
    I love the heart ornament, I bought two of those myself! It is sad that Target didn't last in Canada, it is one store that I will miss when we move back home!
    Love that red clock too!!

  16. I think your simple decor is much more elegant than some of the over-the-top decor we sometimes see.

  17. It all looks great, Anne. You have so many charming decorations. I totally agree with Magali. xo P.S. I adore the cushion covers you made from the tea towels.

  18. Very nice Anne. Simple but cozy and welcoming. My favorite is the tea towels turned into pillows. I also like the snowmen, I have a weakness for them. Living in Florida that is weird I know. Have a wonderful week.

  19. Very cozy, warm, and inviting Anne. I edited our six tubs right down this year - my kids both got full size trees for the first time so guess where my decorations are being donated!

  20. There is nothing wrong with simpler.

  21. Charming, warm and inviting, creative and very Christmasy, old fashioned and whimsical. I've seen other Christmas decor that obviously cost a lot of money but didn't seem very personal, just trendy, sorta boring. I must say, I like yours MUCH more!!

    1. What a nice compliment! Thank you Lynda, you made my day!

  22. Your house looks so warm and welcoming. I had to laugh thinking anyone who doesn't kow Max is a cat would think you were talking about a puppy.

    1. LOL - Max is a dog in cat clothing!!! Thanks so much Debra xo

  23. Your Christmas decorations look wonderful, Anne. You have done a great balancing act making it look cozy and welcoming AND Max proof. :D


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