How to Install a Door Closer on a Storm Door

Remember last year when I installed a new front door and an old-style wood storm door? Well during a wind storm this past month, the wind whipped the storm door out of my hand and smashed it into the light on my front porch.

I've since replaced the lights (of course both had to be replaced because my current light is discontinued) and added a door closer on the storm door to  make  sure this doesn't happen again.

I ordered the parts from a website called D. Lawless Hardware .  This really is an awesome online hardware site.  The prices are fantastic!  Although since they are a sponsor, I didn't have to pay for the parts.

This was actually a pretty simple DIY, here's the tutorial:

My All-time Fave Projects

Thanks to my new puppy, I haven't had any time to work on new projects... Sigh. My blog anniversary is the beginning of March so this week I thought I'd share my all-time faves from the past 5 years (I can't believe it's been 5 years already!!!). Enjoy!

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Shutters for the Laundry Room

How to Buy Tools for Less

Tools, love em or hate em you do need em!  I never thought I would be as into tools as I am these days.  Once you learn how to use power tools, you get hooked pretty fast.  It feels so great to be able to build a piece of furniture or fix something yourself - especially when you'd rather save the money for a repairman or carpenter to spend on something else.

Here are my top 5 tips to easily afford a nice set of tools:

1 - Buy new with a monthly payment plan.

When I first moved into my latest house, I needed a full set of power tools to do all the work.  I went to Home Depot and applied for their credit card.  That gave me an instant 10% discount off any purchases I made.  Because my tool set cost more than $299, I also had 6 months with no interest to pay it off.  I bought during their Christmas tool sale where you get bigger discounts for every $100 more that you spend.  I also got a free shop vac as part of the deal.

Top 6 Power Tools for the Do It Yourself'er

I thought I would share the top 6 tools that I have used the most, that have been the most helpful and that I am oh-so-thankful I bought!

I just want to say right off the bat, that you will want to research the tools before you buy.  Some tool companies make wonderful tools that are designed to last and some use plastic parts inside the tools which tend to break easily.  Good quality tools that are well made are a joy to work with.  The cheaper tools are decidedly NOT fun to work with.  Check out as many reviews from "real people" as you can.  The people who actually use the tools will tell you what using them was really like, reviews on tool websites and Amazon sites, etc. can be bought.  I'm sure there are legit ones out there as well, but I personally would rather hear from someone I know. Just sayin'