My Fave Tulips

I get so tired of winter that I cannot wait until I see the snowdrops and crocuses begin to pop through the snow.  Ever since I moved into my new home, I've embraced tulips as well (mostly due to the fact that I no longer have a back yard that the deer can get into - yay me!)

Here are my favourite tulips. Happy Spring!

Angelique Tulips

Easy to grow with double pink blooms and fragrant to boot - need I say more?  They look like roses, so pretty!

They look pretty sweet combined with purple irises and golden Creeping Jenny.

Black Parrot Tulips

With their unusual colour of purple and the serrated edge of the petals, Black Parrot tulips are a beautiful addition to any garden.  The blooms are large and tend to flatten out over the blooming period to give the tulips a completely different appearance.  I adore this colour!

Here they've been paired with creamy white City of Vancouver tulips and a white edged Hosta.   Sweet Woodruff as a ground cover enhances the dark purple blooms.   The City of Vancouver tulips are a pretty addition to the garden as well.  The blooms are actually very pale, creamy lemon and they brighten the partially shady areas of my garden.

My last pick is actually a combination of double mixed tulips that I bought packaged from Home Depot several years ago.  I love the bright blooms and the double flowers.  It's fabulous to have such bright colour in the garden after the snow is gone.

But of course, I'm sharing photos from previous years since my tulips aren't in bloom yet and then there's the bulbs that offended Izzy enough for her to dig them up repeatedly until any growth was dead... She's also broken and eaten a ton of branches from all the shrubs I've been trying to grow.

Remind me why I got a puppy again???!  lol

Happy gardening!


  1. I love your tulips from last year. They are so pretty. They are one of my favorites, but they don't grow here. So I usually buy some from the market for display. The puppies do get into everything! Madeline is a hole digger. My other toy poodle never did that. She can digs holes all over the place and puts sticks in them. xoxo Su

  2. You have a beautiful flowers in the garden, I love "tulipany" (tulips in Poland). Your dog is so sweet. Greetings :)

  3. Those flowers are so pretty. There aren't any bulbs planted at this house. I really need to plant some this year though!


  4. Your flowers are such a dream! I don't think I have the dedication to create such loveliness in my outdoor space, but would love bits of color for sure. I look forward to my daylilies (last year I was gifted some orange ones and they still bloomed in the spring). Problem is, I've got full sun and the plants I enjoy (even the ones that require full sun) don't work out. My full sun is too much sun. HaHa! Maybe I'll have to wander in your outdoor gardens instead. :-)

  5. What a patch of lovely you had going on last summer. Isn't it exciting to be getting close to warmer weather and gardening? Izzy is getting so big, what a sweet girl!!

  6. I have a few iris planted, but I'm not sure how tulips would do.

    Your spring pictures are lovely and I know it's just around the corner. Do you change time? Steve equates the day we change to daylight savings time as the first day of spring for us. And I plan to work in the garden most of the day.

    Enjoy your adorable pup!

  7. Izzy looks so grown up, now! My favourite tulips are the white ones, but the Angelique tulips are really lovely.

  8. I can't believe how much Izzy has grown in such a short time! How is Max getting on with her now? I'm sorry that spring still seems a long way of for you. You must get frustrated seeing all of our spring flowers! You and I share the same favourite tulips, the named ones you featured were always planted in our old garden. Needless to say I haven't ever come across white city of Vancouver before! Sarah x

  9. Crocus and Iris I have. Tulips. . .not yet until I get some deer fencing up. They love to eat tulips and unfortunately we have lots of deer around here. Izzy is such a sweetie. She really is growing fast. They tend to do that. ;-) Your tulips from last year are gorgeous!

  10. I love those Angelique tulips! Stunning! My mom had some amazing tulips in her garden, but sadly I have about, oh, one plain white tulip that comes up in a different spot every year. By the time fall comes around I'm all gardened out ;)
    Izzy looks so FOCUSED on the camera (or you!). By the size of her paws, she looks like she won't stop growing for a couple of years yet ... ha ha!! My "puppy" turned 11 last week (and stopped growing a few years back). I hope your snow melts quickly now. Spring is here on Sunday, snow is no longer fashionable.

  11. You got a puppy because he is adorable!

    Dogs are great for getting us out walking too.

  12. Oh Anne, your tulips are so wonder you're longing for springtime to come. Spring is probably my favorite time of year when so much comes to life and we can get outside to enjoy it.
    Mary Alice

  13. I can't believe how Izzy has grown! I find Piper is growing by leaps and bounds too. Your spring tulips are so lovely. Angelique tulips are my favourites as well. The snow is gone here, but everything is brown and ugly. Like you, I can't wait for some spring flowers!

  14. Your tulips are beautiful - I must think about planting bulbs next year.

    And, Izzy is adorable. Happy National Puppy Day to him.

  15. Love your garden Anne ... tulips are so lovely and just wish they would last longer. I have never grown tulips, but have some pretty iris ready to bloom.
    Your puppy is so cute.
    Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  16. Love your tulips - we have them but as soon as they bloom by the following day their heads are munched off by the deer. So we tend to have more daffodils - they don't eat those!

    I cannot even believe how fast pup is growing - what a cutie. Hope all is well. So sorry to have been away so long. Hugs.

  17. Your tulips are gorgeous, Anne. Like Michele, I can't plant tulips here either for the same reason. However, I am planning a small area for a garden with a fence to keep the deer out, and once I have that tulips shall be planted! Izzy is a beauty. . .boy, is she growing fast. Hugs, Nancy

  18. Anne, your tulips are amazing. I always swoon over the Parrot tulips but have never planted them. I'm one of those people all gung ho during the summer then pooped out in the fall when it's time to plant spring blooming bulbs.

    Your puppy is adorable! There's nothing better than a sweet dog.

    Thank you so much for joining the garden party. We love having you. :)

  19. Do you think tulips would grown in zone 9-(South Texas)?
    I need to do some research.
    You have inspired me!

    Happy Garden Party!
    We are glad you are here.

    1. Tulips can be grown in warmer climates, but it's a little more work than where it gets cold in the fall/winter. Here's a link to how to do it

      Thanks for visiting!

  20. Your tulips are gorgeous! I love them so much, but alas; the deer chomp them right down. I've learned to settle with Daffodils and Hyacinths. Dogs do cause havoc in a garden at times, but she sure is a cutie! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  21. Your tulips are wonderful and now I'm wondering why I have never planted them.

  22. Loving your gorgeous blooms! I have tulips, but none like those. I am definitely going on the hunt for those parrot tulips! They are stunning.

  23. Anne your pup is so sweet and I love your tulips. Thank you so much for linking up to the Garden Party. Your garden is completely enchanting!

  24. Gorgeous! Your tulips are amazing. Love!

  25. The only problem with tulips is they don't last all summer! My favourites are the Black Parrot Tulips - that colour is awesome :-) There are some tulips popping up in the backyard here. No idea what colour they are, we moved here after they bloomed last spring. It'll be a nice surprise once they bloom :-) And you got a puppy because she's adorable! :-D


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