Installing Thumb Latch Gate Hardware

Another day, another project!  This time I wanted to replace the gate hardware that I had installed on my old door gate.  The hardware I had been using was ok, but difficult to open from the outside so I installed a thumb latch style instead courtesy of D. Lawless Hardware.

Here is the hardware I received:

The instructions are fairly simple to follow:

The most difficult part (and it's not that difficult) is drilling 2 holes with a 1/2" drill bit for the thumb latch to fit through.

I installed the latch part first so I could more accurately mark for the drill holes.  To be honest, I had to move the latch twice but that's just because I tried to use the existing holes in the door to slide the latch through.  It didn't work...

Moving the piece higher on the door and drilling my own holes worked much better!  It didn't help that the post had twisted over time either.  I had to move the latch a few times to compensate.  Notice that the gate piece is positioned higher than the latch.  That is important to remember!

This is what the old latch looked like:

I had strung twine through the latch and an eye hook on the other side of the door so that I could pull up the latch from the outside.  The twine disintegrated over time and I was tired of that set up anyway.  The new hardware comes with all the pieces you need and the screws as well.  All you need is a drill with drill and screwdriver bits.

Here's my new gate latch all pretty and easy to use! 

If you'd like to buy this latch, here is the link:  Gate Latch Hardware

D. Lawless Hardware comes to the rescue once again!!

Have a great week.

Disclaimer:  Although I have partnered with D. Lawless Hardware to demonstrate their products, the opinions shared here are 100% my own. 

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  1. Perfect for your fabulous "garden gate" .... Really dressed it up! Great job and great look as always Anne!

  2. I'd use that latch if I had a need for it. It looks great! (Cute sign, too.) xo

  3. Your improvement always look fantastic. I love the door too, do you paint that scene, the sign is fun too! Sarah x

  4. We have what you had originally. I think I need to show this post to Steve because neither of us love our latch.

  5. Love the new latch design and fit. Looks great!

  6. I love that kind of latches, they look so vintage and add so much charm!

  7. When new hardware can make a pretty design function that much better, it's a win-win. Looking good, Anne!


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