From Dog House to Cat Condo

Last fall I decided I was not going to be getting a dog any time soon (famous last words). So I tore down the ultra-huge dog house my ex-boyfriend had built and made it into a much smaller cat condo.

I didn't spend a dime on this kitty cat condo, it was built completely from left over materials.

The dog/cat door was originally installed in my back door which I had replaced last year.  I kept the dog door especially for this cat house although the cats refuse to push on the plastic to get in and out so I don't know why I bothered!  I don't have any photos of that old dog house, but it was just a HUGE rectangular box on a platform.  I took the whole thing apart and used up those materials to build this much smaller, two-storey cat condo.

There's a shelf inside that is big enough for a cat to curl up on.  The lower floor is twice the size of the shelf.  Both the shelf and the floor of the condo are covered in coir mats.

This was a pretty simple build, just a 2x4 frame with plywood and planks for siding.  I used a shed roof design to make it even simpler - one side is slightly higher than the other and plywood and metal roofing are attached to keep the weather out.  The stencil came from a yard sale and I embellished the condo with Max & Eloise's names in Sharpie.

Of course the cats totally ignored the condo until I got Izzy-the-terrible.

Now they regularly run for cover when Izzy is outdoors!  Stay tuned for how to build a dog house.  Tutorial coming soon...

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  1. That's cool, can't say I've ever made anything for a cat nor dog. Your puppy is getting big, there is one a few doors down from me that looks a bit like her!

  2. omg, that is the sweetest!!!!! Your critters are soooo cute and soooo lucky to have you!!! Super condo! My tortoise needs a condo, can you come build one ???

  3. How funny....but at least they have a great "condo" as their safe place from Izzy~the~Terrible...oh, poor Izzy!...Love that condo! cute! Have a great week Anne!

  4. That is so cute. I always enjoy Max and company stories. I am glad the kitties have a safe haven from Izzy.

    1. Thanks Debra! and there are plenty more stories, too! lol

  5. You are always so clever with your projects and I am sure the kitties like have a place to escape the beast.

  6. Ha ha ha Anne, I love the photo of Izzy peering from afar at the cat. That photo speaks volumes!😀

  7. Isn't that the funniest thing? They had no use for it until they decided it was useful (and Izzy-proof)! Now, I bet they love it.

  8. I like the color you painted the cat condo and the writing style you used for their names. Funny how you don't plan on getting a dog and then you have one. I hadn't really thought about getting a puppy this winter, but then I saw the ad, and there was no going back. I doubt our dogs would use a dog house. They are to lazy to get up off the cool kitchen floor in the summertime! LOL! I do want to make an outdoor cage however for our rabbit.

  9. I'm glad your cats are now using it as it looks to good to sit there empty. They should however do what Twinkle does and chase their dog around the garden! Sarah x


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