My Dream Dining Room - the Black Hutch

Phase 1 of creating my dream dining room is almost complete!  I began with the hutch and chairs and I am thrilled with the way this makeover is turning out!

Remember the "before" hutch:

I loved it in the aqua, but it didn't fit with my dream inspiration:

So out came the black paint!

Didn't it turn out magnificently?!  I'm so pleased!!!  I used Rustoleum Painters' Touch ultra cover latex paint in flat black.  After it was all painted, I sanded lightly all over the black and the appearance is almost the same as if I had used a chalkboard paint.  I also distressed the edges/corners.   I really like this look.

I got an ancient mirror that was attached to one of the old fir doors I picked up last summer.  Since the black paint makes everything in the room seem so much darker, I used the mirror propped up against the hutch top to reflect a little more light.

I stripped the paint off the original knobs and handles.  I wanted to replace them but the handles are an odd size so I decided to keep them.  It was easy to strip off the paint, just boil them in water and the paint drops off the metal all by itself.  Best of all, the handles now have a patina that didn't exist before I painted them.  Now they look like ancient brass.  Yay!

You can see a sneak peek of the chairs in the photo above - but you'll have to wait til next week for the chair and chandy reveal!

Meanwhile back at the farm...

The cats sleep while I toil away.

I saw this through the dining room window - sorry for the grainy photo, I took it through the window screen.

and this is where Izzy and I walk every day - don't hate me!


  1. Oooh, I really love that hutch in black!! I am jealous that you get to see deer (especially babies!) and walk in such a beautiful spot!


  2. Ohhhh Anne the hutch came out beautifully. Love it. I cannot wait to see your chair, table and chandelier.
    What a great place to walk every day. You go girl and enjoy that beautiful scenery as you walk.

  3. I love how the hutch turned out.

    You do live in a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm going to send a link to my daughter. I am giving her my mother's cedar chest because I just don't have the space for it. I told her I would paint it black for her before we take it to her next month and I like the way your cabinet turned out.

    Great job!

  5. The black is gorgeous and so is the view from your walking trail! Can't wait to see it all together with the chairs!

  6. The aqua was nice but the black is better since it goes more with your vision. You live in a beautiful area.

  7. The hutch turned out fabulous! Thanks for the tip about removing paint from the handles. Do you strip the paint yourself? Mind sharing what you use if you do? Still can't believe how wonderful that hutch turned out. I just want to gaze at it for awhille. LOL

  8. Anne,'I loved your hutch in the aqua color but I have to say, it looks fabulous in black!!! Looking forward to the reveal next week👍🏻

  9. Hi Anne, LOVE the hutch. Makes the dishes stand out. The mirror is perfect. I think the knobs are better being stripped.

    Sorry I have been away


  10. I, too, loved the hutch in aqua, but it is beautiful in black. I love that you left the inside white, a wonderful combination. Looking forward to next weeks reveal and inspiration. Sandy

  11. I really love your inspiration pic and so love the transformation of the hutch to that dramatic black...Can't wait to see the rest of the makeover....and I won't hate you, but I am so jealous of that gorgeous view on your walk....and those baby deer look familiar...did they take a walk from my house to yours....they are cute, but they are eating my flowers!

  12. Looks fabulous in black! Hubby is in Abbotsford, I'll tell him to stop by and see it in person on his way by! LOL

  13. The hutch was so pretty in aqua, but it is striking in the black. I love the mirror placement, and thank you for the paint removal on hardware tip. I can only dream of living near your walking path!!

  14. It's turning out fabulous and you really get the same vibe as in your inspiration picture. Well done!


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