Table Lamp Makeover with Paint

I need a new lamp for my bedroom.  Since I already have 3 table lamps sitting in a closet, I decided to make over one of them instead of buying yet another lamp...
Spray paint to the rescue!!!!!!  (Isn't paint our best friend??)

Making the Best of a Light Fixture Oopsie

I love Ikea. I get there once a year to shop because the store is 5 hours away, so I shop like crazy while I'm there and drag everything back home to put together and enjoy.  And you can't beat the prices on their light fixtures, plus they have really cool industrial light fixtures that I love.

This year, I was all set to buy a Ranarp light fixture to hang in my laundry room when I spotted a very similar fixture on sale for $14!!!!!!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was definitely one of those "START THE CAR!" moments.