Making the Best of a Light Fixture Oopsie

I love Ikea. I get there once a year to shop because the store is 5 hours away, so I shop like crazy while I'm there and drag everything back home to put together and enjoy.  And you can't beat the prices on their light fixtures, plus they have really cool industrial light fixtures that I love.

This year, I was all set to buy a Ranarp light fixture to hang in my laundry room when I spotted a very similar fixture on sale for $14!!!!!!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was definitely one of those "START THE CAR!" moments.

The light fixture I had planned to buy shown above, the fixture I did buy shown below.

I tossed the fixture into my cart along with the LED bulb that was the brightest I could buy and didn't give another thought to it until I had fixed and painted the ceiling where it was to be hung.  This fixture was purchased to replace a 48" fluorescent fixture that had a bad ballast.

I began taking the packaging apart so I could spray paint the fixture in flat white paint and that's when I discovered the problem...

I discovered the fixture I had bought was a plug-in fixture.  GAH!!!!!!!!

No problem, I thought, I have enough light fixture parts from the various fixtures I have either taken down or collected along the way, I'll just cut the cord and install the plug in fixture as a ceiling fixture!   But then my spidey-sense began tingling and I decided to check online whether or not this was actually a good idea.  And since those searches were inconclusive (too many votes on either side), I talked to an electrician friend to get the skinny.

What he told me is that a plug in fixture has a different classification for wiring than a ceiling fixture.  Since the wires are not designed to be uncovered (as they would have to be in order to be connected in a hard wire fashion), they are only approved for use as a plug-in.  This all means that if I went ahead and stripped the wires for connecting in the ceiling box and anything were to happen as a result of this wiring, my house insurance would be null and void.  Not going there.

Instead I found this pendant fixture at Home Depot.

It comes in 3 finishes, it's $25 and comes with everything except the shade.  I bought it, installed it and attached the Ikea shade and it looks almost the same as the Ikea fixture.  Plus I have no worries about the wiring possibly overheating or causing a fire.

I'm going to use the Ikea plug in fixture in my workshop where there's yet another fluorescent fixture (stupid since the only time I need a light is during the winter when it's dark and super cold and the fluorescent won't light up right when it's cold).

My laundry and mudroom are now finished!  Yay!!!!!!!!

Have a great week.

With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!

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  1. Whew- golly how scary! Glad your Spidey Sense was workin overtime, yikes almighty, huh?

    Looks GREAT - you are amazing and clever! Congrats whoo hoo looks so nice!

    Guess what? They are opening an Ikea literally 15 minutes away from my house! We used to have to drive 3 hours north or 3 hours south to get to one. I told my husband I wanted to work there part time and he just laughed and said "no way!" Meaning (gosh, hon, if you did you'd buy every item there, and maybe you should just not do that and enjoy retirement and stuff instead.) Of course he wouldn't mind if I did, just that he would need to be AFRAID, very very afraid. : - )

    Hugs! Stay cool - it is hot hot hot right now! ♥

  2. Good Call Anne. Glad you asked and got some good advice. Your pretty hard work over the past 6 years going up in smoke would be heartbreaking to say the least. Your laundry looks awesome. Gotta love Ikea.
    Mine is about 45 minutes from me and I love to go there.

  3. Wow, good thing you checked into that! I've made a hard-wired fixture into a plug-in one before but not the other way around so I think I definitely won't do that now! The light looks great!


  4. Anne, I really enjoy your posts and look forward to reading what you're up to. I usually get to read it before I leave for church on Sunday mornings. You are so very talented, smart and just delve into your projects ( after smart research). Thank,you for sharing this with everyone.....especially people like me who could never do it. Happy Sunday from New England.

    1. Thank you Gerry! I'm so glad you enjoy my adventures and misadventures! Happy Sunday!

  5. First off, I'm glad you talked to an electrician about your project. The no insurance coverage thing was definitely a dealbreaker. Your new fixture is fantastic!

  6. I'm glad you can use the plug in.

  7. It's a good thing the instinct kicked in. Great save and the laundry looks great too.

  8. Good thing you checked with an electrician. The light looks great.


  9. You did great and glad that you did your research...hate to think of anything happening to you or your fur babies or your home!....Looks great Anne!!! the laundry and glad it is done and you got to stick a fork in it!!!

  10. Thank goodness you listened to your spidey senses, Anne. That is scary! That's a long drive for IKEA, I bet you have a long list during that annual shopping trip. Your new fixture looks perfect in your laundry room. I have a couple of those nasty flourescents too so I can appreciate how much you must be loving your new light fixture.

  11. It is better to be safe rather than sorry. It looks great despite the adaption. Sarah x

  12. You were wise to check with the electrician before you came up with a solution. In the end you managed to skirt any problems and add that finishing touch to your laundry room. Great job as always!

  13. Way to improvise and avoid electrical issues. I'm sure that plug-in will come in handy. Just you wait and see;D Love how this one looks in your laundry area. Congrats that it's done!


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