Table Lamp Makeover with Paint

I need a new lamp for my bedroom.  Since I already have 3 table lamps sitting in a closet, I decided to make over one of them instead of buying yet another lamp...
Spray paint to the rescue!!!!!!  (Isn't paint our best friend??)
Here's the before lamp:

It used to sit in my living room until Max came along.  Max knocked this lamp off the table countless times and chewed all around the lampshade.  Sigh...  It went into a closet and I installed a metal lamp in its place.

I  like the glass on this lamp but since you can see the base through the glass and I was painting the lamp white, I opted to paint the glass as well for this makeover.
All that's needed to prep the lamp is to wipe the dust off it and use masking tape on the parts you don't want painted.  I'm using a flat white paint, I only like white spray paint in a matte finish.  I really don't like gloss these days.

Here it is with the first coat of spray paint.

And here it is finished with a turquoise lampshade

Didn't that turn out well? 


I had to go pick up a new lampshade since I pinched the turquoise shade from a lamp that is in use.  When I got home with the new shade, I tried it out on the white lamp and I think it's even better than the turquoise shade! 

 Check it out:

Don't you love it when that happens??

Incidentally, Max and Izzy are getting along much better these days although it does still feel like a game of "I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal". Pets!
Have a great week!
With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing.  Come along for the ride!!

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  1. It looks great! I like when we can save some money and repurpose. The new colours are nice and soft looking. Take care!

  2. Hi Anne, love your lamp and always luv to see your cuties....So glad Max istn't out to kill the pup anymore...LOL. We've been road tripping a lot so I am wayyyy behind on y bloggy reading post. We went to Vancouver Canada for a few days, love that city!!! HOw far is that away from you??

  3. Gotta love a can of spray paint and what you can do with it!!!! The lamp looks great. Good job. Love the pic of Izzy and Max hanging together under the table. Have a great week ahead.

  4. It turned out super and I love it with the new shade. Great job!

  5. Love that spray paint! Your lamp turned out really great.


  6. Wow!!! Beautifully!!!! What a super idea. I love your blog and now I love your "new" lamp😊

  7. Wow...what an incredible difference!....A totally different a beautiful new look!....Great job and love the turquoise lamp shade on it too...perfect!!!

  8. P.S. I just realized that you "pitched" the turquoise shade....the white on white is awesome too....and glad that the "kids" are getting along a little bit of Game of Thrones going on there?!

  9. Wow Anne, that is an amazing transformation. Love how you think! Izzy and Max are adorable. Our readers would love the see your lamp transformed at our link party, Dishing It & Digging It. The party is live now. Have a great week!

  10. Love the "new" lamp and either shade works well, but in your bedroom, I like the turquoise color - although I like the shape of the white shade. Decisions, decisions .... It's all good!

    1. Thanks Pat (and I like both myself for the same reasons...) Sigh... :)

  11. I really liked the lamp makeover. Izy and Max look like they're a lot of fun.

  12. Great job as always Rock Star. Love it and Izzy and Max stole the show.


  13. It looks fabulous Anne, I do like it with the white shade better. I'm so glad Maxx and Izzy are getting along better!


  14. I love that you just altered something you had, but then again, that's what you do!

    Great job!

  15. I love the new look of the lamp, it gives a very serene atmosphere to your bedroom.

  16. AWESOME!!!!! It looks amazing - sheesh - I need to quit reselling my old lamps and think "What Would Anne Do?"

    Wanna come visit and give me pointers? I sure could use you around here with frugal awesome ideas you have in that talented brain of yours. I would never have thought painting over the glass was an option. Never.

    Well done, ma'am! Give your fur babies some loving pets from me! ♥♥

  17. Anne, I love the lamp. I would have been reticent to paint the glass too but it turned out great!!! Love the white shade. Hello from a fellow Canadian. Sylvia D.

  18. Wow! The lamp turned out quite lovely ♥

  19. Max, that little rascal!! Love that you painted over the glass part, too. Now it fits your decor to a tee! A store bought one could not match nicer than this.

  20. Amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do! Your lamp looks great, and I agree, the new shade looks even better than the turquoise shade :-)

    Good to hear that Izzy & Max are co-existing without too much fur flying!

  21. I would not have thought to paint a glass lamp. It came out really well and I think the new shade is much better. The lamp looks so much better and helps creates a serene looking vignette on your bedside table.

  22. P.S. I can't believe how big Izzy has gotten!


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