5 Minutes to Cleaner and up to 98% Allergen Free Air

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Did you know that the air inside your car is 6 times dirtier than the air outside your car?

Nowadays most vehicles have air filters attached to the cabin ventilation system.  They're called "cabin air filters" and they are designed to help keep the air that enters the vehicle free of pollen, allergens, dust and dirt.  If you use the vehicle fan, heat or air conditioner frequently, this filter is working hard and all that dust and dirt gets trapped before it gets into your vehicle. This also means that your cabin air filter is clogging up with all that dust, pollen and dirt and needs to be replaced. The dirtier the filter, the less fresh air is getting into the cabin.

 If you or anyone in your family has allergies, changing the cabin air filter regularly is super important.  And ladies, you don't need a mechanic to do this job, it's a quick and easy DIY that doesn't require any special tools.  It only took me 5 minutes to change the one in my car!

This tutorial is a bit of a departure from my usual subjects, but changing this filter was so freaking easy I cannot believe I have paid someone $95/hour to do this work for me in the past.  I changed both the engine air filter (super easy job, too) and the cabin air filter in less than 10 minutes.  And I'd never done this before.

 Behold my pride and joy (the car not the cat - don't tell Eloise I said that!!)

My list of regular fall maintenance duties for my vehicles follows:

Wash and Wax  I always wash and wax my vehicles before the nasty winter weather begins.  I use Carnuba wax applied by hand to protect the paint against the snow and sand/salt. 

Vacuum Interior and Wash Windows Inside and Out  I can't believe how much dust gets on the inside of the windshield over the summer months and the dust has such a huge impact on visibility when it's dark outside.  I use a clean cloth and a bowl of lukewarm water with some dishwashing liquid for this job.  If there's an oily film on the windshield, I add some white vinegar to the mix as well.

Swap Summer Tires for Snow Tires  Where I live we get A WHOLE LOTTA SNOW.  Our side streets don't get plowed that often so it is impossible to manage without good snow tires here.  I get them installed the last week of September every year.  (Plus that means I don't have to worry about tire pressure being just right, the tire shop takes care of that for me).

Oil, Lube and Filter change and Engine Air Filter Replacement  I always get the oil changed before the winter months, then I know the oil is clean and the engine has had a proper going over.  Anything the inspection turns up, I deal with straight away.   The mechanics always check the engine air filter at the same time to determine if it needs replacing.
Cabin Air Filter Replacement  The Mustang has a cabin air filter that cleans the air that circulates through the car ventilation system.  This air is what we breathe the entire time we are in our vehicles with the windows up, so it is really important to keep these filters working properly by replacing them regularly.  A clogged cabin air filter can lower the efficiency of the fan, defroster, heater or air conditioner by restricting the flow of air.  
This FRAM FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter contains Arm & Hammer baking soda and activated carbon to absorb and eliminate odors and this filter can remove up to 98% of pollen, dust, dirt and allergens from the air before it gets into the car. Installation instructions are included inside every box.
An engine air filter limits the amount of grit, insects, and dirt that reach the engine and since the engine needs a constant supply of air to work properly, monitoring and replacing the engine air filter is key to the performance of your engine.  Vehicle air filters affect acceleration, horsepower and overall engine performance, so it's important that they be monitored and changed when necessary. FRAM recommends the cabin air filters be changed every 24,000 km (13,000 miles) or once per year, follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual.  If you make it a practice to change the cabin air filter whenever the engine air filter is changed, you'll keep your vehicle's air filtration working at optimum levels.

So after learning all of this information, I went shopping to pick up a FRAM FreshBreeze cabin air filter and a FRAM engine air filter for my car.

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

There's a guide in the aisle to help you pick out the right filters for your vehicle.  You can find the right sized filter online as well (see link further down).   Canadian Tire offers a website tool to locate the item you need and to search the inventory of the closest store to make sure they have the filter you need in stock before you even go.  If they don't you can order it online and it will be delivered to the store nearest you.  You can even put a sales alert on the filters and you'll get an email when they go on sale (my favourite part of shopping at Canadian Tire!).

Here's how to change the cabin air filter in my car.  

The panel cover closest to the windshield is where the Mustang's cabin air filter is located.  This panel only has two screws that need removing in order to pop up the panel and remove the filter. 

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

The panel is connected at the back in 3 places, if you pull the front of the panel up and toward the windshield the whole thing pops up easily.  The air filter is in two frames, one that holds the air filter in place that is a friction fit into a frame that is attached to the vehicle.  Pull the inner frame toward the front of the vehicle and then slide it toward the driver's side of the vehicle to free it and allow you to pull it up and out of the panel.

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

Pop the old, dirty filter out of the frame and put the new one in.  Reinsert the frame the way you pulled it out.

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

Push down the panel cover and reinsert the rivets and screws. If the screws were stripped they'll still hold the panel in place, just push them down into the rivet.

#FRAMFresh #Shop #cbias #filters

You're done!!

Pick out the right filter for your vehicle by clicking on this link: http://cbi.as/51d3s
    For more tips and tricks click on this link:      Social Hub - http://cbi.as/53s6z

    I'm off for a spin in my freshly cleaned up, tuned up, oil changed car while breathing in the fresh, clean air from my new cabin air filter.  Cheerio!

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    Anonymous said...

    Good article.

    Thanks, Anne

    ANNE said...

    Thanks Debbie! I'm still shocked at how easy it was to change this filter!! :)

    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

    That's good to know, Anne. I get confused easily, so I now need to go buy a Mustang so I know exactly where the filter is located. ;) I always wanted a Mustang....

    ANNE said...

    yes, yes you do NEED a Mustang. Trust me on this :)

    Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

    Thanks for the great advice Anne!!

    Anne said...

    Thank you for sharing. I really had no idea about this. I;m a dunce when it comes to cars.

    Mary Beth said...

    Awesome advice, Anne, and I had no idea that the air in my car was so dirty...YUCK!

    Mar Ward said...

    Congrats on your first Shoppertunity! I participated in this one too, and it was a lot of fun! I learned a lot, and will definitely be changing my own filters from now on.

    Junkchiccottage said...

    Great advice Anne and what a wonderful sweet ride. Love your car.

    Amy Ellis said...

    I had no idea there was such a thing, but my car gets so dusty, it could really use a new filter apparently. Thanks for sharing, and great post on changing an engine air filter, too.

    Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

    I had no idea that there is a interior air filter....Not only are you a home DIY'er you also take care of your car too!....you are amazing....thanks for educating us on this!...Will have to check it out!!...Love your "baby" !

    ANNE said...

    Thanks Kerryanne!!