Filing Cabinet Hack

I recently did a makeover of my home office (see Cottage Home Office Makeover HERE) and to complete the look of the space, I created a filing cabinet from a set of desk drawers left over from an old metal desk I wanted to get rid of.  I disassembled the entire desk and used the parts for other purposes.  The front desk panel became a tabletop for a potting bench I have outdoors.  The old wood top became the sides and base of the washstand cabinet I built last year.    
The drawers were turned into a tiny filing cabinet for my new home office.
The original desk looked like this:
(this is my last house, you can see the whole house tour HERE)

The drawers themselves looked like a filing cabinet when I dismantled the desk, they were set into a metal frame that had no top or bottom.  I added a piece of butcher block that I had left over from my kitchen makeover (see Kitchen Overhaul Reveal HERE) to the top of the cabinet to give it a table top and I built a simple base for it out of 2x4s screwed together with deck screws.

I added swivel casters to this base to make it easier to move the filing cabinet around as well as to add some much needed height. 

 These casters were supplied by D Lawless Hardware .  Because I had already created "feet" for the cabinet last year when I was playing around with it, this base fit snugly around those feet and I didn't need any fasteners to hold the whole thing in place.  Another option would be to use a sheet of 3/4" plywood screwed into the top of the 2x4s to then screw the drawer frame into. The desk drawers have holes in the metal base that I used to screw those feet into.  This is how the feet looked:

and how it all looked with the new base and casters and a piece of beadboard added to dress the whole thing up a bit

You can see I also added an extra piece of plywood under the butcher block to add a little more height.  Plus the plywood is actually attached to the cabinet, the butcher block is not.

Then I painted all the wood black to blend in with the cabinet.

This is such a handy little piece!  It's much deeper than the little 2 drawer filing cabinet I bought from Walmart years ago.  It's sturdier because of all the wood weighing it down - no worries about it falling forward if the drawer is really heavy - and the wheels make it very easy to move around without hurting my wood floors.

Best of all, this now very useful piece didn't wind up in a landfill site.

Have a great week!

Disclaimer:  Although I received free product from D Lawless Hardware, the opinions stated are entirely my own.
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  1. Oh, what a brilliant idea to build a frame to add the casters. I should do that for the kitchen cart I have as the casters I put in the feet of the piece aren't that great!

  2. Another great project by the master of makeovers!!!...Looks fantastic Anne! You are so creative!!

  3. Amazing what's that head of yours thinks of!!!! Super creative!!!!

  4. You are amazing. What a great repurpose. I love when stuff doesn't end up in the land fill.
    I'd love for you to share this with our fledging link party. You can link any Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook that you are doing too. We'd love to see you there.

  5. I agree with Shirley. This goes way beyond the normal makeover. xo

  6. What a clever repurposing Anne!

  7. You did it again Anne. Way to go with salvaging all those parts and pieces from that old desk!! Great upcycle.

  8. I'll be filing this idea away for the future. Pun intended. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It looks great!


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