DIY Shutter Door Cabinet

Here's my new no-cost laundry room storage cabinet.

I'm still in the process of purging my stash of lumber, doors, windows, etc. My old laundry room storage was created from a particle board shelf tower from a closet organizer that I had repurposed, but after having moved it a few times, it was beginning to fall apart at the seams.

I didn't want to spend any money on this project since my budget was hit hard this summer with all the roofing that needed to be replaced.

This project was going to kill several birds with the same stone!

I was using louvered bi-fold closet doors as doors for the original cupboard and I had the matching doors out in the shop.  My friend Gail from My Repurposed Life has built cupboards from bi-fold doors so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get a cute cabinet and clean out more of my stash at the same time!  Here's the tower with the doors on it.


Another item in my stash is a very tall board and batten shutter I had built to hide ugly stuff on my front landing.  After the smart meter died on me, I decided not to put anything near it and threw the shutter into the pile until I could find another use for it.  It was about to become the back for my new cupboard.

I began by laying out the bi-fold doors that I would use as the sides of the cabinet together with the tall shutter so I could mark where to cut down the shutter.  Max of course had to give his 2 cents...

Then I cut the tall shutter top and bottom with my circular saw.  I needed one extra plank of wood to make the cabinet 25" wide.  This would allow me to re-use the other bi-fold as the doors for this cupboard.  Once the back was cut down and the extra plank attached with crosspieces, I added the sides by screwing 2 1/2" #10 screws through the bifolds into the shutter backing.  Then I added a top and bottom by cutting a piece of the original particleboard tower side to make the top (so I didn't have to paint anything) and using a piece of maple plywood that happened to be the exact right size.  Those were also simply screwed into the sides and back with the same type of screws.  I added 2 2x4s along the front and back edge to serve as feet.

I also added a few extra pieces of wood to cover jagged edges and since my extra plank wasn't quite long enough, to cover the hole.

With the doors attached I began adding shelves.  I measured out the height of the shelves that I wanted, used a level to mark lines on the back of the cupboard and attached 1x2s using my finish nail gun.  These 1x2s will help to hold up the shelves.  If I'd had enough of them, I would have used them as side pieces as well but instead I drilled holes for using shelf clips until I can pick up some more 1x2s.

I repurposed the original tower shelves as well since my goal was not to spend any money on this project.  Eventually I will buy proper wood shelving so that I don't have to contend with any sagging in the future.

Here is the finished interior

At the rate I'm going, I'll have cleared everything out of my stash by the end of this summer!

Have a great week!!

With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!

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Junkchiccottage said...

This is awesome Anne. I love this so much. It looks so great in your laundry room. Great re love of these bi fold doors.

Michele said...

WOW!! Looks like you've done it again, Anne!!! It looks GREAT and it is so functional - just look at all that stuff stored in there, whoo hoo! Well done!

And congrats on purging. : - )

Have a wonderful week.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You're so skillful I think you needed to visit me and help me with some projects I have for Cottage!

Barbara H. said...

Your skill at making the new cabinet is impressive. I'm just as impressed at your skill in organizing the interior space.

ANNE said...

Thank you very much Barbara!

Debra Pashkowsky said...

This is a great idea. Especially if it gets the stash whittled down.

ANNE said...

Thanks Debra!

Daytona Damsel said...

You are so handy. Nice job on the cabinet.

Marie Blackburn said...

Anne, I love how each shutter forms both the side and the door of the cabinet. Very clever reuse of shutters!

Amy Ellis said...

Gosh, some of those store bought cabinets are so flimsy. Yours looks incredibly sturdy now, and for free?? Way to go, the new shutter doors are so cute, and Whoot, look at all that new storage space!!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Great job using what you already had on hand. Dennis has been whittling down our stash, as well. It's going to hurt when we actually have to shell out money for materials again. :(

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh you always have the greatest ideas and solutions to a project with beautiful always, a job well done Anne!