Opening up a Kitchen

Welcome to my tiny kitchen!  My dark and tiny kitchen...

I'm considering yet another renovation in here because I just can seem to get happy with the way it is (or has been).

I really want to open up the space and allow more light and air to circulate.  My living room is also pretty dark with its lonely, tiny window.

Hmmm.  What to do??

My kitchen, although I love what I've done so far there are still issues I would love to improve on.  Mainly, it still isn't bright enough to make me happy. Cue more renovations

And here is the wall between the living room and kitchen.

The stove is on the back of this wall and there's a chimney stack halfway across the wall to boot.  That chimney stack has made it very difficult for placing cabinetry and appliances in a functional and pleasing layout!!

This is my early stages of planning, so I'm considering different options.  Like my original idea of moving the stove to where the fridge is now.  If I then pulled down the wall from the doorway over to the chimney and moved the fridge over to the wall beside the kitchen hutch, I could then add a small breakfast counter like this, for example:

And then I saw this on Jamie Lundstrom's blog:

which gave me the idea of where to place the fridge.  I could even box it in like this to minimize the look of it.

Or I may just overwhelm myself with the whole idea of doing the work and leave it as it is.

Just another day in the life of me.


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  1. Hi, Anne. I like the ideas for your project, and it looks quite involved! It is hard when the kitchen is small with not much light, which is the same here! I am thinking of relocating my china cabinet already outside the kitchen door and installing a few more shelves like the one we did last spring. I thought it would make it a little more open to the carport and brighter. The challenges of older small homes on a budget! xoxo Su

  2. Both ideas are great. Your kitchen is so charming. but I can see why you want to make changes. Light is so important. I think I would lean more to Jamie's layout. If you extend the wall to enclose the fridge (did that in two houses) it make a huge difference. Luv you girl

  3. Oh my gosh I am loving your vision. How fast can I get there to help you. This is going to be a great thing I am telling you to open up that wall. A nice island might be an option too. I am excited for you to start. I cannot wait to see this project underway. You go girl!

  4. PS you know you could build your current stove into cabinets made into an island. the backs of stoves sometimes come off and then it would look like your inspiration pic of the island with the stove top and oven built in. You have lots of great ideas.

  5. It is difficult, I understand but you have quite abit of storage area on the other side of that wall .....bookshelves etc .....which you are going to lose if you pull it down!?! Joan x

  6. I like the idea of opening your wall to the chimney. It would bring so much light to your kitchen... Of course it means rethinking the whole lay-out... Could you create a corner cabinet somehow between the right of the chimney and the existing cabinet? Anyhow, it'll be exciting to see what you do as you always come up with great ideas!

  7. Hi Anne. It's interesting. I was just thinking of you the other day and then I decided to check Bloglovin' and you posted. I can understand your need for more light. Sometimes renovations come in stages, right? I do love the ideas you presented. The open concept seems the way to go. The first one looks like an easier fix that mimics your original design, but either way I hope you can still manage to maintain your storage.

    BTW, I've finally decided not to forsake my blog. I just renamed it (same link) and am starting to post again. Hope to see you around. I'm currently back to working on my guest room makeover, starting with wallpaper removal. ACK!

  8. Wow you are always so ambitious, that sounds a big project. Sarah x


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